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Graduation Ceremonies - A message from your Sabbatical Officers

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As your sabbatical officers, we want to let you know that we share your disappointment in the news that graduations for the classes of 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled.

Graduation is the key event and milestone in a student’s life at LSE. Graduation gives us closure on the challenges and rewards we face as LSE students. LSE students have faced an incredible challenge while continuing their studies during a global pandemic. For LSE to decide to outright cancel the opportunity for us to celebrate with our peers and families is a disservice to us all. We deserve better.

The decision by LSE to cancel graduation must be overturned. LSE should commit to facilitating an in person graduation whenever it becomes possible to do so. We believe that there is still scope for postponing graduation ceremonies further, and we will be making the case for LSE to continue with a flexible approach.

Your Sabbatical Officers,

David Gordon (General Secretary)

Morgan Fairless (Postgraduate Officer)

Laura Goddard (Community and Welfare Officer)

Bali Birch-Lee (Education Officer)

Ellie Duplock (Activities and Development Officer)


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