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How to have the best student life at LSE: A guide to your Students’ Union (LSESU)

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So you’re coming to LSE! You’ve probably heard tons about the School itself, you’ve probably done a bit of research into living in London and you may have heard a few things about the LSE experience from other students…but have you heard about your Students’ Union (SU)?

LSE Students’ Union is where you need to be looking to find those all important extra’s to your university experience. Because let’s face it – there’s more to LSE than just getting your degree! Here’s the low-down of what your SU does and how it’s an integral part of having a great student life at LSE.

The Basics

LSE Students’ Union (LSESU) is an organisation that is run by LSE students, for LSE students! We are a not-for-profit, which basically means that all of the money we make through selling tickets, products and whatever else, will be reinvested back into student activities and services for you guys.

Why we are important:

We are here to put the fun in your LSE experience and make sure that you get the most out of student life. After all, you’re all going to be working hard…so you need to play hard too!

LSESU is made up of 3 strands:

Student Communities

We can help you meet those lifelong friends that you all look for at university – with over 300 societies, sports clubs and student groups, as well as our programme of social fitness classes, getting involved with LSESU is how you can find your communities. If you want to connect with and meet new people during your time at LSE, our Student Communities strand is where you need to look.

Student Voice

All year round, we have got your back – our Student Voice strand is home to the LSESU Advice Service, our different funding pots and dedicated teams of staff are here to support you through all stages of your journey at LSE. It is where our Campaigns Hub lies for all support for student activism, and is how our democratic structures including the Union General Meeting and Termly Elections are administered. Oh, and it’s also home to your all-important course representatives!

In a nutshell – if you need any help, guidance or support throughout your university experience…Student Voice is where you need to go!


We are the home of all those awesome events and memorable experiences outside of lectures that you will all talk about years after you have graduated. Whether that is through our diverse What’s on calendar on our website, or through the events held by our many clubs, societies and student groups.

Our LSESU spaces are also a great way to get social, whether that is by taking a break in between classes, for meet ups with friends or attending our dedicated events. You can find our social spaces, namely our Denning Learning Café, Three Tuns Bar and The Venue, right here in the Saw Swee Hock Building.

So what’s this “run by students” thing about?

LSESU is led and directed by 17 student officers, 5 are full time and 12 are part time. Whatever they want to focus on, whatever initiatives they want to implement – we make it happen. These officers are LSE students who are elected by the rest of the student body (you!) in the termly elections.

Oh, and they also have the power to influence the highest levels of management at the school itself, so if you have an issue, your officers are the ones you should voice it to. This is why you should always vote in the elections, because your vote can put the students who will benefit you the best in these positions!

So how can LSESU help me have the best student life?

Here’s a quick, whistle-stop tour of the key ways LSESU can add some fun to your student life:

Student groups:

Joining a student group is one of the best ways that you can make friends, de-stress from those intense periods of study and basically let your hair down! We have 200+ societies, 40+ sports clubs and 5 media groups.

Can’t find something you’re interested in? Start your own society! We’ll give you the support you need to get it done. Find out more on our website, and meet all of the student groups themselves at our Virtual Welcome Fair!


We host a TON of events every term. Our What’s on calendar will be your holy grail to finding out about all those exciting, awesome and new experiences that you can be a part of.

Looking for something more specialised? Don’t worry, we host student specific events such as postgraduate events and international students’ meet ups and our 250+ student groups regularly put on interest or activity-related ones.


Got an idea? Don’t let money be a barrier to your creativity. We have a Students’ Union Fund that is available for you guys to put on your own events, implement new initiatives and make your big ideas a reality…all you have to do is apply!

You can ask for up to £20,000 to make your big ideas happen. It’s a great way to utilise your spare time, enrich your CV, improve the student lives of your peers and make a historical impact at LSE for years to come!


LSESU has a long history of campaigning. If you are passionate about an issue, cause or movement, get involved with our Campaigns Hub! They can help you with guidance, support, funding, resources and specialist coaching to ensure you are well-equipped to make your project happen.

It’s also a great way to find your fellow activists at LSE. Campaigns Hub can help you connect with fellow students who share the same passions for the issues that you care about. There are people out there across LSE who will be willing to fight these issues with you – all you have to do is find them!


The university experience is one of the best ones you’ll have, but there can be challenges that you face along the way. Don’t worry though, because we have a free, confidential Advice Service that can help you with whatever problem you may be facing! Whether you just want to talk an issue through with someone, or if you need dedicated support, they are here for you every step of the way.

The LSESU Advice service specialises in supporting you with academic, financial and housing related issues, but can signpost you to relevant support services outside of these areas too. Everyone will run into a bump in the road at LSE, but we can help you get your student life back on track. 


Want to get moving while you study? Whether you’re a gym bunny or a class pass kind of person, we have a range of ways that you can keep fit while at LSE. Check out our LSESU Gym and Fitness Class Pass and see which one works best for you.

Can’t wait until September?

Have a good old wander through our website, it’s got all the information you will need about LSESU on here. Plus, make sure you are signed up to our exclusive mailing list and are following our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to stay updated with the latest news about Welcome!