Student Tutors

Student Tutors


The Student Tutors’ Society was created in September 2016 and is the first society at the LSE dedicated to the promotion of tutoring and teaching as rewarding occupations, and helping students gain confidence and skills to become good tutors and mentors for others.

Our fundamental belief is that mentoring should be an essential part of one’s life, whether you are a teacher, a lawyer, or a CEO. Hence, our primary aim is to equip students with essential transferrable skills such as leadership, interpersonal, organisation skills, and other abilities that are acquired when tutoring or mentoring others.

We will do this through organisation of educational seminars, lectures and presentations on topics related to the psychology behind acquiring knowledge, non-tangible benefits received when teaching or mentoring others, behaviour management techniques, and others.

Apart from that, the society is dedicated to facilitate students' involvement in the pro-bono mentoring schemes and other volunteering activities in the sector of education. These may include skill-based volunteering - tutoring pro-bono, general volunteering, and fundraising.

Lastly, the society is to advertise opportunities in the sector of education, including but not limited to tutoring, and promote networking through partnerships with industry, both in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

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