Our goal is to make coding an approachable and enjoyable subject for everyone. Increasingly, some degree of fluency in code is a useful and desirable trait that employers in various industries look for. Applications of these skills are not only in technology, but also finance, health services, security and many other fields, so we hope to serve students from all backgrounds, technical or not.

Coding is about efficient and creative problem-solving. Through regular coding classes and mini hackathons and projects, members will develop the ability to use Python, R, and MatLab and bring their individual perspectives to interesting problems. By providing a collaborative space, students can go beyond creating efficient and simple code by sharing insights from their degree programmes. If coding is something you're interested in exploring more about or just a buzz word you're more curious about,  join us in learning together! 

We'll start off simple with Python, R, and MatLab and we hope to increase the complexity of the subjects we learn in each language as we progress through the year. Members are encouraged to bring their own knowledge and ideas to coding as we are learning with you. 

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