Argentina: Introduction

The society was established in 2014 by LSE students as an organization to promote Argentine culture. Its objective is to present and discuss the issues affecting Argentina to the LSE community. 

With this objective in mind, the Society carries out different academic and recreational events. Every year, new Argentine students renew the society at the LSE while institutionalizing the links between current and past members with the LSE Argentine Alumni.

During the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 academic years, we have organized a seminar on the 2015 Argentine Presidential Elections and several debates on Argentine films.

During the next months, we will be holding events regarding Argentine politics and hosting events with high profile Argentine politicians like Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Laura Alonso, while at the same time we will be organizing our series of literary café meetings and cinematographic debates.


2017-2018 Committee:


President: Facundo Rodriguez



Secretary: María Florencia Calvo



Vicepresident: Agostina Beveraggi



Treasurer: Lucia Perez Alfaro



Media Officer: Rocío Izar Oyarzun Peralta 



Communications and Events Officer: Ariel Matias Riera Moncho








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