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Your guide to Sports and Physical Activity at LSESU: The Athletics Union, The Gym and more...

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You told us you wanted to know about Sports and Physical Activity...well, here you go! Here at LSESU (Your Students’ Union), we are the hub of all student activities and we have a range of things you can get involved in outside of your studies, and sports are no exception!

Whether you want to get active, play competitively, campaign for change, build sporting communities or even to dabble in a bit of social sport - we are sure that you’ll find something within our Sports and Physical Activity offering that will fit your needs! 

Before we continue…

We (LSE Students’ Union) are working with the School on the safe return to campus for all of our students. This includes re-working and adjusting our programmes, our initiatives, our ways of working and our different spaces. To make this as safe as is possible, it’s going to take a little bit of time. We will also be taking into account any changes in Government guidance that occur between now and September.

This means that some of our Sports and Physical Activity initiatives are going to be subject to change. Any updates will be cited on the relevant web pages. One of the best ways to stay updated is to sign up to our Welcome Mailing list by clicking here.

It is important for all of our students to follow the latest recommended advice for keeping safe, especially those who are at a high risk. It may be that you will need to follow the governments advice in relation to your ability to participate in various activities listed here. To find out if you fall into a high risk category and for more information about the precautions you should take, please click here.

Athletics Union (AU) 

The Athletics Union or AU is the heart and soul of LSE for all those who enjoy playing sports, attending socials and campaigning for important causes.

As a student run organisation that contains over 40+ sports clubs, the AU is welcome to anyone interested in playing sports at any level. Members can play with their teams both socially or competitively in British University & College Sports League (BUCS) and London University Sports Leagues (LUSL).

The AU is led by Ceri Doyle, the AU President, and AU Executive team - all of them are current LSE students! They can be contacted through Facebook or Instagram and their role is to oversee Sport at LSE, to organise AU events, and to represent all AU members.

To become a member of any LSE sports club, students must buy a compulsory membership for the AU; which opens up a world of opportunities and experiences…

So, what exactly is this exciting world which you are about to enter?


LSESU has a wide variety of sports for you to join. From Kabaddi to Ultimate Frisbee, we are sure you will find something to get stuck into! Teams usually train and compete each week at facilities in and around LSE. This provides a perfect opportunity to release any stress and get active at the same time!  For AU members, their sports club often becomes a home away from home whilst at LSE!

Whilst the sporting calendar will initially look a little different due to the developments this year, each club has been working hard to develop new and exciting ways to meet up and train. As with all student groups putting on events and initiatives, they will be taking into account any recommended guidance from LSESU, the School and the Government throughout Welcome and beyond, and are working to ensuring safe participation in sports for their members.


Throughout the academic year the AU organises social events which are open to all members to attend. Often hailed as the highlights of the year, the largest events such as Carol, Fight Night and AU Ball are experiences you will never forget. AU events provide you with the opportunity to socialise within your team as well as to meet many new people from across the variety of sports whom you may never otherwise meet during your time at LSE.

As you can imagine, they are still in the planning process and will be ensuring that the AU social calendar hosts safe experiences for members and attendees, in line with the most up-to-date guidance. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram pages for further updates!


The AU also organises campaign events and collaborates with other student bodies in order to actively support important causes. Successful past campaigns which we continue to support include This LSE Girl Can and Hands Off LSE. As a member of the AU, you are in the position to have your voice heard and promoted in order to help ensure our campaigns have the greatest impact. Student athletes at the LSE have the passion and ability to make sure that our world of sport also serves to create a better wider world for all.


The LSESU Gym offers a wide variety of facilities, including a range of resistance machines, cardio equipment and an extended free weights area, all featuring Technogym equipment. We aim to keep prices low and provide an excellent service that suits your needs. Membership of the LSESU Gym also includes free access to a range of fitness classes which cater for every level of ability available to all students and staff at LSE. We run various activities offering you fun, sociable and stress relieving activities all year round. Find out more HERE.

Your safety is our utmost priority! In line with current guidance, our LSESU Gym will be opening in September with some changes and modifications to usual practices. Sign up to our Exclusive Welcome Mailing List and keep an eye on our WebsiteFacebook and Twitter pages for further announcements.

Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle is a physical activity and fitness programme available to all students and staff at LSE. We run various activities offering you fun, sociable and stress relieving activities all year round. You don't need to join a team, have any kit, or pay a lot of money! Every session is open to all, whether you have experience or not - there is an opportunity for everyone across all abilities. You can come to one or many sessions, whatever takes your fancy! 

Want to see what it’s all about? We’re running a range of Active Lifestyle sessions as part of the Welcome Week Events Calendar! We have options for physical participation (at capped capacity and inline with current guidance) and also for digital participation via Zoom. Head over to our Welcome Website to bag your tickets now!