AU Clubs

The Athletics Union is for anyone interested in playing sports, at any level. More than 2,300 LSE students currently represent the School in London and nationally across more than 40 sports clubs, and by joining a sports club, you automatically become a member of the AU community.

There really is something for everyone, from beginners with an interest in trying something new, to top-level athletes competing in the British University & College Sport League (BUCS) and London Universities Sports Leagues (LUSL). 

Anyone who wants to try out for a team, play or train for an AU sports club will need to purchase the compulsory AU Membership Fee. This once-off covers you for all AU club try outs and you must buy this if you want to take part in any club sport. Paying club membership will be specific to each club so please talk to your club committees about specific details of how and when to pay membership fees. 

See our list of 40+ Sports clubs below!

Atheltic Union Clubs

  • Athletics & Running

    Join The AU's club of the year 2016-2017- Run, Jump, Throw- whatever your ability, you're more than welcome!

  • Badminton

    Welcome to the LSE Badminton Club! We welcome everyone, from beginners to international hotshots, check us out on Facebook LSE SU BADMINTON CLUB for more information!

  • Basketball - Men's

    The Men's Basketball Club has a 4 teams, which train and compete on a regular basis. Men's basketball caters for players of all levels, with a common love of the game.

  • Basketball - Women's

    Our club is one of the most fun, friendly and inclusive clubs at LSE. We welcome everyone, from complete beginners to advanced players and have a professional coach at trainings and games!

  • Bowling

    LSEAU Bowling Club aims to provide our bowlers a chance to play bowling, in particular in ten-pin bowling. The aim of the Bowling Club will be to promote the sports in and out the school.

  • Boxing

    LSE Boxing welcomes students of all levels from beginners to pro, and will help you boost your boxing skills and increase your fitness level with three weekly sessions taught by a professional coach.

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art, combat sport, and a self defence system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. You need no prior experience to start.

  • Canoe

    LSESU Canoe Club offers members the chance to enjoy a variety of paddlesport - from canoe polo to white-water kayaking.

  • Capoeira

    Learn the art of facing danger with a smile on your face.

  • Cricket

    LSE CC train at Lord's on a weekly basis and play outdoor and indoor. We cater for all abilities and interests, men and women. Plus weekly social events. Nice Gaarrrry

  • Cycling

    From casual rides to competitive races, the LSE Cycling Club empowers students of all cycling abilities to become part of a team. Join one of the friendliest and most welcoming AU Clubs on campus!

  • Dance

    LSE Dance Club strives in every way to provide a platform for dancers in LSE to maximise their potential and to be a part of an amazing family. We train, compete, perform and have fun together!

  • Dodgeball

    The 7 D’s of Dodgeball. Dodge, Duck, Drink, Dip, Dive, Dodge, Drink. Join LSE Dodgeball, an all inclusive club, that can be taken as seriously as you would like to take it.

  • Fencing

    We provide all kit, coaching, and the chance to test your skills in competition against other fencers at your level, as well as an excellent social side.

  • Fives

    A very unique and unusual sport similar to squash

  • Floorball

    What is Floorball? Imagine Ice Hockey, without the ice or the violence and you've pretty much got a good idea of this fast paced, exciting indoor team sport guaranteed to challenge you physically!

  • Football - Men's

    LSEFC is the pride of the AU. With seven competitive teams boasting a history of silverware, a dedicated member base, and a sought-after culture, the FC is an essential part of the LSE experience.

  • Football - Women's

    Interested in casual training sessions? Competitive University of London and BUCs games? Great social life associated with committing to LSE WFC both on and off the pitch?

  • Futsal

    Love football but hate the UK's rain? Looking for banter, tekkers, team spirit, and to exert yourself? Futsal, one of BUCS fastest growing sport, is made for you.

  • Hockey

    LSE Hockey is the largest mixed gender sport club at the LSE. With 3 men's teams and 2 women's teams our club is well equipped to train members at any level of hockey ability. Come along to our GIAG!

  • Horseriding

    Never sat on a horse or been riding for many years, we guarantee to offer you a fantastic riding experience.

  • Jiu Jitsu

    Learn a traditional Japanese martial art adapted for modern scenarios. Get active and learn practical self-defence at the same time! No prior experience required; beginners welcome at every session.

  • Kabaddi

    In Kabaddi, players try to tag multiple opponents without being tackled, whilst repeating the word 'kabaddi'. Training: Mondays 6-8pm, Thursdays 1-3pm, Saturdays 6-8pm at the Badminton Courts in LSE.

  • Karate

    "The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants"

  • Kitesurf and Wakeboard

    Do you like the sense of glide ? Look no further! Free beginners' courses, equipment and trips for riders of all levels. New members welcome all year round. Join us today!

  • Lacrosse

    Mixed-gender lacrosse open to people of all skill levels. After the great success of the first team winning their league last year, we have just started a second team to give beginners match time!

  • Mixed Ultimate Frisbee

    London's premiere uni ultimate team. We run hard, play hard, and win often!

  • Muay Thai

    All levels welcome! The combat sport of Thailand known as the 'Art of Eight Limbs' for using punches, elbows, kicks and knees is a great way to get fit, compete, meet lovely people and blow off steam!

  • Netball

    Another AU heavyweight, these Ladies are determined to enjoy their sport and their social life. From beginners to pros, the Netball Club has eight teams that span all abilities. Don’t miss out!

  • Pole Fitness

    Are you looking for a way to get fit and flexible fast? If so, come and hang out with the LSE Pole Fitness society! (Pun definitely intended). All abilities welcome!

  • Pool and Snooker

    Looking for a fun way to spend your Sundays? Look no further. With a strong sense of community and a fiery will to win, the LSE Pool & Snooker Club is a family you will not regret joining!

  • Rock Climbing

    The LSE Rock Climbing Club is meeting at The Castle Climbing Centre every Wednesday afternoon from 6 PM. Outdoor trips are scheduled throughout the year. Get in touch via our Facebook page!

  • Rowing

    The LSE Rowing Club is one of the AU’s more active and ambitious clubs. We cater for all genders and for all abilities. For more information visit our website at

  • Rugby - Men's

    LSE Men's Rugby... The best club in the world.

  • Rugby - Women's

    LSE women's rugby is your family on campus! Come join us for fun, lifelong friends and a super fun sport.

  • Snowsports


  • Squash

    The LSE Squash Club provides a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming of people of all backgrounds and abilities, with a very close community feel and regular socials.

  • Swimming

    LSESU’s Swimming Club offering training and socials for beginner to competitive level swimmers.

  • Table Tennis

    Penhold or Shakehand? Flipper or Smasher? Join the Table Tennis Club to find out!

  • Tae Kwon Do

    LSE Taekwondo is a diverse and growing family that trains and plays hard together, all levels welcome!

  • Tennis

    JOIN THE TENNIS CLUB! We have a competitive squad as well as social tennis - something for everyone! Meet new people and improve your tennis skills by joining tennis.

  • Triathlon

    Run, swim and cycle with the LSESU Triathlon Team! All abilities welcome for training, competitions and socials!

  • Volleyball

    Come and join us and take part in our Men's, Women's or Mixed team! All abilities welcome! Play Hard, Spike Harder

  • Water Polo

    Water Polo - a great way to try a new team sport, keep fit and have fun. Beginners welcome!

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu

    Join us and take part in lessons with Austin Goh who founded the first Wing Chun School within Europe and has over 40 years of experience in the martial arts! - Self defence - Wellbeing - Fitness