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Academic Representatives are a crucial part of LSE Students' Union. More than 600 Academic Reps are elected by their student peers to represent them during the academic year and to liaise with LSE and departmental staff in a variety of committees.

Academic Rep Elections

LSE Academic Representatives Elections

This year some departments will be electing their Academic Reps through the Students’ Union Website. On this page you will be able to nominate yourself and / or vote for your Academic Reps

The Academic Representation Team at the LSESU is here to support you with the elections process. If you have any questions, please contact


Nominations open: Monday 26th September 10am 

Nominations close: Tuesday 4th October 4pm

Voting opens: Wednesday, 5th October 10am 

Voting closes: Friday, 7th October 3pm 

We will announce the winners as soon as possible after voting closes on the 7th of October!


You will be able to nominate yourself and vote. To be able to see the elections you are eligible to run and in (i.e. your departments’ Academic Rep elections), you will need to log into your Students’ Union account on the top right corner of the page. 

If you believe you should be able to nominate yourself or vote for a position, but it is not displayed, or if you can see an election for a department or course you are not part of, please let us know as quickly as possible at, and we will resolve the issue. 


Who can take part in the Academic Rep elections? 

Any student in a department taking part in the LSESU Academic Rep elections this year can nominate themselves to become an Academic Rep and vote for the position. The following departments are part of the elections: 

  • Economics (Undergraduate students)

  • Law School (Undergraduate & Masters students)

  • International History (Undergraduate, Masters & PhD students)

  • Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method (Undergraduate & Masters students)

  • Anthropology (Undergraduate, Masters & PhD students)

  • Government (Undergraduate, Masters & PhD students)

  • Accounting (Undergraduate & Masters students)

  • Methodology (Masters students)

  • Sociology (Undergraduate, Masters & PhD students) 

  • Geography & Environment (Undergraduate students)

  • Mathematics (Undergraduate students)

  • Social Policy (Undergraduate & Masters students)

If you are a student in a department not listed above and want to become an Academic Rep, please get in touch with your department. They will be electing their Academic Rep in different ways!

How do I nominate myself or vote? 

Find our full guidance on the process here

What positions can I run/ vote for?

You will be eligible to run / vote for any positions available for your department or cohort. This will also depend on your department. Some departments will only elect representatives for specific courses, others will also elect Department Reps. You can find the role description of for the positions here and here

When will I know the results of the election?

Results will be announced at the conclusion of the voting period on the 7th of October 2022. We will email the winners and departments directly and will ask them to share the news with the entire cohort. 

If you have any further questions please contact

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