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One of LSESU's 2019 Welcome events

Your Union

What do we do?

Well, before we start explaining, it’s worth knowing that LSE Students’ Union (LSESU) is a not-for-profit organisation led by LSE students. We are an independent organisation from LSE.

Our aim is to help LSE students make the most of the life-changing experiences open to them during their time at university.

We’ve been part of LSE since 1897, and all LSE students automatically become LSESU members when they enroll. It’s safe to say, our members join one of the UK’s most active (and best) Students’ Unions.

Our primary services include:

  • Student Voice - supporting our students with representation, campaigning, policy change and elections
  • Student Communities - supporting over 250+ clubs and societies and managing the gym
  • Social - running our Union events, student bar (Three Tuns) and our cafe
  • Student Advice - providing free, independent and confidential advice to our student membership

So who's really running the show?

We mean it when we say we are student-led. Our Sabbatical Officers are student representatives, elected by students to direct the Union on a full-time basis. With your interests at heart, these officers are putting in their work to make sure your journey at LSE is better than ever before.

If you spot them around campus or our virtual fair, make sure you say hi - they have all the tips and tricks to making the most out of LSE.

David Gordon, General Secretary

David Gordon

General Secretary


Bali Birch-Lee, Education Officer

Bali Birch-Lee

Education Officer


Laura Goddard, Community and Diversity Officer

Laura Goddard

Community and Welfare Officer


Ellie Duplock, Activities and Development Officer

Ellie Duplock

Activities and Development Officer


Morgan Fairless, Postgraduate Officer

Morgan Fairless

Postgraduate Officer



We hold elections for our Sabbatical Officers and part-time Officers every year. You can find out more on our election's hub! We will also be electing some positions in Michaelmas Term, including our Postgraduate Students' Officer, Mature and Part-Time Students' Officer, Disables Students' Officer, PhD Officer, GTA Rep, and Committee Places. Nominations will open in early October.


Get in touch with your part-time Officers

A little thank you in advance...

When you spend with us, you’re investing right back into your experience at LSE. That’s cool, right?

All proceeds from sales in our outlets, events or partner marketing activity go directly back into putting on amazing events, activities and support for students. So, by using our services, you are contributing to the LSE student experience and helping us to reinvest into the things we do for our members.