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Exceptional Circumstances

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If you feel as though your performance in an assessment has been negatively impact by factors outside of your control, you should consider the Exceptional Circumstances (EC) procedure.

What can you do?

The Exceptional Circumstances procedure allows you to make the Exam Board aware of your situation and take it into account when it comes to your final classification. They will also consider if it was appropriate for you to complete the assessment in the first place.

A key thing to be aware of is that the school operates a “fit to sit” policy, which means that by taking an assessment, you are declaring yourself fit and able to do so. This is the single main reason why most EC applications are rejected and is worth addressing in your form. If you are aware of the issues in advance of the exam, the school suggests that you should first seek an Extension and if that is not accepted or possible, look at Deferring the assessment.

How to apply

To declare your circumstances you need to complete an Exceptional Circumstances Form and submit this along with evidence that follows LSE's Standards of Evidence(Opens in a new tab). These documents should be submitted to the Student Services Centre up to seven calendar days after your last assessment in the year. Individual marks are never changed as a result of your circumstances although the normal classification rules can be suspended to allow an award of a higher degree classification than your mark profile would usually allow. It can also lift a late submission penalty or discount a failed attempt.

Once submitted, you will not find out the outcome until the release of your final results.

Extenuating Circumstances Form(Opens in a new tab)

What can we do?

Our advisers can provide you guidance on the process and procedure itself as well as looking over the form itself before you submit it.

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