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A student group getting a group photo taken on a trip to a mountain range

Welcome Fair Briefing

The LSESU Welcome Fair is one of the most well attended events in the LSE calendar and one of the only times a student will reach out to student groups. Don't miss out.

This page is designed to provide you with all the information you need to get your group involved in Welcome Week.

When & Where and What?

More information to follow for Welcome Week 2021. 

Memberships, Mailing Lists & GDPR

No Student Group should take or record any personal contact information (including emails, phone numbers, photographs and social media accounts) during online conversations with other students as this is not GDPR Compliant. Your memberships will be live on your virtual stall. 

So, we have set up two types of memberships for groups: 

Give-It-A-Go Mailing List: Free for students to join. You can email students Sept - Oct to let them know how to join. 

Paid Membership: The membership each student must buy to be a member of your club or society. 

Expected Behaviour

Our Stall Holder agreement outlines all of the expected behaviors for committee members.

  • No stall will be used to advertise a commercial or other external organisation without the prior permission of the LSESU.
  • Only committee members who are current LSE students can run the stall.
  • Groups may not produce, distribute or pass on content during online conversations that is of a discriminatory nature, or content which may offend, harm or cause distress to others. Please respect all students and act in a way that does not cause harassment, duress or stress.

If you do not follow these after one request, you will be asked to leave the fair. 

Reporting behavior

Report any complaint, dispute or apparent incident of bad behaviour to at the earliest opportunity. If you do not follow these after one request, you will be asked to leave the fair. 

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