Event Listing

This LSE Girl Can: Women Who Fight

Friday 14 February 2020

noon - 3pm

SAW 6th Floor Studio

This LSE Girl Can: Women Who Fight

THIS LSE GIRL CAN brings you: Women Who Fight

?WHAT? Come and join us for the active and educational event, Women Who Fight. Externally hosted, a series of specialist coaches will take you through the practice of Brazilian Ju Jitsu and self defence, with an inspirational talk from a guest speaker thrown in there too. Build confidence and find a sense of community amongst other LSE women, in this wonderful workshop.

Full Agenda below:

12:00- Welcome

12:15- Specific Warm Up (if possible start before)

12:30- Wrestling

13:15- K1

14:00- Strength training 

14:45- Stretching + mingling if time permits


WHERE? 6th Floor Studio, Saw Swee Hock

TO TAKE PART? To register for this event, please reserve a ticket here: https://preview.thepvlse.com/pvlse/e07ef2f6-6b51-4797-b88b-1aabb9928b3b  

You will not be charged for this but please keep your reciept as proof of registration on the day of the event. Please turn up 5 minutes before the session and wear sports clothing that is comfortable.