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This LSE Girl Can: Diversity in Gaming

Wednesday 12 February 2020

6pm - 9pm


This LSE Girl Can: Diversity in Gaming

THIS LSE GIRL CAN brings you: Diverstiy in Gaming 

?WHAT? Come and join Gaming Society and give gaming a go! They say 'We know how intimidating it can be to try out a new thing if you feel underrepresented. So, we are running a diversity event for the LSESU "This Girl Can" week. We want to encourage female students and staff and any other minorities to try out our society. The games we will be running are oriented around sports, easy access and coaching - so beginners don't feel intimidated. This event is about diversity not exclusion, so we want to emphasise that male members are equally welcome, but due to low female membership we are trying to encourage women to join.' 


TO TAKE PART? To register for this event, simply turn up on the day and take part free of charge!