Event Listing

LSE Athletics Union Fight Night 2020

Wednesday 11 March 2020

5:30pm - 11pm

York Hall, Bethnal Green, 5 Old Ford Road, E2 9PJ

LSE Athletics Union Fight Night 2020

Fight Night is back again bigger and better than ever on Wednesday March 11th! Whether you follow boxing closely or you've been an arm chair heavyweight fan over the last few years, this event is not one to miss as the most anticipated event on the Athletics Union calendar. The night will be full of top quality boxing with members of AU Clubs and LSE Boxing Club representing themselves, their clubs and putting it all on the line. Both bars will be open on the night at the venue and then it’ll be off to Zoo afterwards to celebrate with the boxers!

This will be a night of 10 bouts at the home of British Boxing, York Hall, brought to you by LSE Athletics Union and LSE Boxing. The event is a white-collar/amateur event and there is no dress code required for the venue. 

All the fighters have been working hard and now that we are just two-weeks away it’s all starting to come together as the preparations ramp up. Weeks of training and gruelling 9am sparring sessions all culminate in 3x2min rounds for your fighters. Be there to watch the fights and expect fireworks!

Your fights for the night are the following:

1. Alyssa Chong (Boxing) v Bouchera Abaakil (Netball)

2. Mani Dhami (Boxing) v Abu Miah (Boxing)

3. Marine Gleizes (Boxing) v Claudia Gallo (Boxing)

4. Samir Patel (Hockey) v Ewan Hughes (Boxing)

5. Bailey Nghiem (Kiteboard/Windsurfing) vs Steph Zahlandecay (Netball)

6. Maxime Robellin (Boxing) v Ubaid Khaliq (Cricket)

7. Michael Losavio (Boxing) vs Raul Van Kleef (Boxing)

8. Ceri Doyle (Netball) vs Bhavyya Sharma (Women's Rugby)

9. Fergus Meehan (Men's Rugby) vs Edmund Laing (Men's Football)

10. Adam Ursell (Men's Football) vs Phil Saunes (Men's Rugby)



General Ticket release is Thursday 27th February, 12pm.