Event Listing

Welcome to LGBT+ History Month

Friday 02 February 2018

7pm - 9pm

1st Floor Cafe, SSH

Welcome to LGBT+ History Month

Welcome to LGBT+ History Month!


Kick off LGBTQ+ History Month 2018 with a fantastic social celebration event! From 7-9, the First Floor Cafe will become a hub of queer activity, perfect for you to mingle with your peers and get to know other people around campus interested in LGBTQ+ history. Drinks and food will be provided, so whether you've been to loads of LGBTQ+ events before or none, all you need to do is bring yourself!


Please note, the event will be split into two halves- the first half (7-8pm) is specifically for LGBTQ+ students and staff, so please only attend if you identify as such! However, every identity is valid for this community, so there will be no gatekeeping- even if you're not sure where you fit, you're welcome to come. There will be no photography for this section of the event. From 8-9pm, the space will be opened up to any allies who want to come and celebrate; there will be photography during this time.


If you have any concerns about this event, would like to meet up with someone beforehand, or if there's anything else you'd like to clarify, please contact your LGBT+ Officer on Facebook (Bex Dudley) or email (su.lgbt@lse.ac.uk)