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SU Gym Yoga

Tuesday 13 November 2018

6pm - 7:45pm


SU Gym Yoga

These classes encourage relaxation, strength, flexibility and balance with an emphasis on integrated breathing techniques in a variety of poses and postures. Note: styles offered may vary from session to session—please be sure to check. Styles may also vary from instructor to instructor. 

For more details please email su.gym@lse.ac.uk or call on 02307 955 6002.

This class is part of having an LSESU Fitness Gym membership. The membership entitles you to use the SU Gym facility and all the SU Gym classes. LSESU Fitness Gym memberships vary in price and duration to meet your flexibility needs and can be purchased online here https://www.lsesu.com/services/gym/ or in-club. Once purchased, please visit the SU Gym or call us to book your space!
If you fancy just a one-off visit to one of our classes you can always gain access by purchasing a day pass for just £5 in the SU Gym.