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LSESU Women's Open

Sunday 02 December 2018

9:30am - 7pm

NAB.1.04, NAB.1.09, NAB.1.10, NAB.1.14, NAB.1.15, NAB.1.17, NAB.1.18, NAB.1.19, NAB.2.08, NAB.2.09, NAB.2.13

LSESU Women's Open

This is a debating competition, open to both LSE students and students from other universities. To be eligible for this event you have to self-identify as woman or non-binary. The aim of this is to tackle sexism in debating and provide a key opportunity for female speakers to develop their skills at the highest level in a safe and accessible space. The dominance of men in debating speaks to the limited opportunities women are often given to compete and we hope to work towards fair representation for all genders within the activity.