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Negotiation Society Summit 2019

Saturday 16 February 2019

1pm - 4pm

Old Theatre

Negotiation Society Summit 2019

The Negotiation Society in partnership with Oxford Women In Consulting proudly presents our flagship event: the Negotiation Summit 2019! This is the first student organised negotiation-focused summit in London. This will be a gathering of leading investment banker, negotiation consultant, business case expert and negotiation management academics who are invited to express their views and experiences on negotiation. The summit will involve a panel of guest speakers each from a different sector, followed by an interactive case study and Q&A session. We believe that negotiation is an essential tool and soft skill to have in order to be successful in our future careers. The best negotiators have the ability to achieve win-win situations for both sides on the bargaining table.

The Negotiation Summit is our biggest event of the year. With the support of the pretigious negotiation firm, Scotwork, we hope to provide a platform to expand commercial and political understanding of contemporary issues and equip our members with a wide range of applicable skills from logical reasoning to the understanding of political legal and commercial negotiations.

Tickets will be free for members and £3 for non-members, and can be purchased here: https://www.lsesu.com/ents/event/8094/


Introducing to the prestigious summit Chair and speakers:

The academic chair of the summit: Dr Niranjan Janardhanan, the lecturer of LSE’s executive programme: Bargaining and Negotiation: Interests, Information, Strategy and Power!

Dr Janardhanan’s studies focus on organisational behaviour. His research interests pertain to how employees construct their identities and express their perspectives in teams and in organisations. His research on the communication and performance advantages of having a contrarian perspective of conflict in teams has been published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. His current research focuses on how employees manage multiple work roles and affiliations, and the effects of team membership on individual performance and idea generation at work. He has served as an ad-hoc reviewer for Organization Science and other peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Our first speaker: Professor Vincent Mak of the University of Cambridge! Prof Mak is the Deputy Director of Teaching in Cambridge Judge Business School and has an expertise in business strategic decision-making through the lens of economic and psychological studies. Vincent's research lies in how people and firms make strategic decisions as they interact with each other, and what economic and psychological factors influence those decisions. His research interests cover pricing, search decisions, decisions in networks and queues, decisions in competitive environments, competitive strategies, game theory, and experimental economics. His recent projects include, for example, how consumers search for marketing offers, how managerial committees make decisions, and how R&D managers can be incentivised to align their interests with their company’s.

Vincent is on the Editorial Review Board of the journal Production & Operations Management. He was previously a case writer at the University of Hong Kong's Centre for Asian Business Cases (now Asia Case Research Centre), producing over 20 business cases which have been used worldwide. His recent consulting work includes a study of online/offline retail prices and price comparison websites, as well as a consumer survey study on the functioning of the market for Internet access, both commissioned by the European Commission.

Our second speaker, Amelia, is the Head of Commodity and Markets Strategy at Bank of China International! Amelia had many experiences working in the field of investment banking and markets in a number of banks. Amelia Fu Xiao is the head of Commodity Markets Strategy at Bank of China International. Ms Fu’s team covers all commodity sectors ranging from base metals, precious metals, energy and agriculture. Her focus is to combine top-down global macro / financial drivers with fundamental analysis to provide investment advice. She speaks regularly at global conferences and is frequently quoted by media including Bloomberg, Reuters, the FT and the Wall Street Journal. Before joining BOCI, Ms Fu worked as an economist and a commodity strategist at Deutsche Bank in London. She was also alumni of LSE and Harvard in economics.

Our third speaker, Annabel Shorter, is the Senior Consultant at the most prestigious negotiation consultancy Scotwork in the UK and worldwide. She brings a wealth of negotiating and commercial experience to this role. Prior to joining in 2007 she enjoyed a number of management roles in blue-chip companies such as Castrol, Virgin Mobile, Cable & Wireless and Levi Strauss at the height of their popularity. Her early participation in the emerging field of partnership marketing saw her creating deals across a large cross section of industries, charities, utilities, FMCG brands, football clubs and pop stars!

Throughout her career Annabel has been responsible for driving growth, often in difficult and new environments. She believes passionately that strong negotiating is at the heart of effective business performance and draws on her experiences, good and bad to assist her clients.

Scotwork is the largest independent negotiation skills development company in the world. Since 1975 they have been helping people become resilient negotiators, transforming the performance of novice and veteran alike. They have coached over 200,000 negotiators, moving hearts and minds, and transforming individual and companies’ negotiating capabilities.

In short, Scotwork aims to help organisations of all sizes and types to boost profits, strengthen relationships and commercialise their culture. Visit Scotwork Here