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Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 05 June 2019

11am - 1pm

The Venue

Annual General Meeting

Notice of LSE Students’ Union’s Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting will be taking place on 5th June from 11am in the Venue (Saw Swee Hock Building.)

The business to be discussed will include the following:

  • Welcome
  • What the AGM is
  • Ratification of the previous AGM
  • Receive Trustees Report & Strategic Priorities Update
  • Receive 2017/18 Accounts
  • Appointments of the Auditors
  • Review and Approve list of affiliations
  • Discussion and Debate on the 2018/19 Financial Year
  • Discussion and Debate on the 2019/20 Financial Year
  • Open questions to the Trustees by the members

In line with the Articles of Association you have the right to send a proxy to vote in your place if you are unable to attend. In order to appoint a proxy, you must send notice in writing which:

  • States the name and address of the member appointing the proxy;
  • Identifies the person appointed to be that member’s proxy and the general meeting in relation to which that person is appointed;
  • Is signed by or on behalf of the member appointing the proxy, or is authenticated in such manner as the trustees may determine;


  • Is delivered to the Union in accordance with the articles and any instructions contained in the notice of the general meeting to which they relate.


Please note: To appoint a proxy you must send the notice described above to su.democracy@lse.ac.uk no later than 12pm on 4th June.