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Managing Finance Day 1: Committee Leadership Conference

Monday 03 June 2019

noon - 4:30pm

Saw Swee Hock

Managing Finance Day 1: Committee Leadership Conference

Information on the session & skill:

The Committee Leadership Training program aims to give student group committee members the skills and information required to lead their societies, sports clubs, or media groups effectively. This program runs throughout the year but starts at the end of summer term with the release of new online training modules as well as a Committee Leadership Conference.


Managing Finances and Funding:

For your group to run effectively, it is vitally important that committee members manage the group’s finances prudently. This workshop will help you do this by building on your knowledge of the LSESU finance processes, before taking an in depth look at budgeting. This will aim to give you the knowledge and skills to budget your groups finances effectively, whether for an individual event or over the course of the year, to help ensure that your group finish the year in the black.