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Meet and greet for Mature and Part-time Students

Friday 13 December 2019

9am - 11am

1st Floor Cafe (Saw Swee Hock SU Building)

Meet and greet for Mature and Part-time Students

Sebastiano Caleffi, your newly elected Mature and Part-time Students Officer, will be at the 1st Floor Cafe from 9 to 11. Come by to meet him, discuss any difficulties that you face at LSE or just for a chat. Sebastiano will share the objectives he intends to achieve in the role and take feedback from you. The event is informal and flexible: come for 5 minutes or stay for two hours, up to you.

Studying at LSE is hard, and being Part-time or Mature (no specific rules here, if you identify as a Mature student then he’s your Officer) can make it even more challenging: it's ok to ask for help and wanting to speak to someone. Sebastiano is a Mature and Part-time student, and works as Study Adviser at LSE LIFE; he is also a Cheesemonger, so if you need help with your Christmas cheeseboard come along!

If you can’t attend but want to get in touch with your elected Officer, email him at s.caleffi@lse.ac.uk or su.matureparttime@lse.ac.uk

The first ten Mature and/or Part-time students attending will receive a voucher for a hot drink, to be used in the 1st Floor Cafe on the same day.

The 1st Floor Cafe is accessible through the lifts located next to the Saw Swee Hock building Reception desk. If you require more information about the accessibility of this event please email s.caleffi@lse.ac.uk