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The Big Names on Campus Part 2 - Your Part-Time Officers

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We know that arriving at the LSE can be a bit overwhelming, so we want to do as much as possible to help you work out what’s what, and who’s who, on campus. You may have seen our recent The Big Names on Campus Part 1 blog, which gave you a run-down of your 4 full time Sabbatical Officers.

Well, now it’s now time for Part 2! An introduction to your elected Part-Time Officers, who are here to represent you this academic year. All of your Part-Time Officers are current students at LSE, and were elected by the student body in March 2020. Alongside the Sabbatical Officers, they decide how we do things here at LSESU and run their own campaigns, events, and projects all year.

So, without much further ado – here is your Big Names on Campus Part 2: your Part-Time Officers!  

Faiso Kadiye, your Anti-Racism Officer 

Pronouns: She/Her

Faiso studies International Relations here at LSE and lives in West London. As your Anti-Racism Officer, she’ll be working to challenge racism at LSE and beyond. One thing she wants to do is make a clearer and easier system for reporting racism on campus, which is something she’ll be working on through this year.

Last year, Faiso was the Head of Events for the LSESU Islamic Society, and she runs a blog with her friend Tarin, where they discuss different topics. When asked about what her favourite thing is at LSE, Faiso said “it would be how busy it keeps you! Whether its academics or societies there's always something going on somewhere so there's never a dull moment.”

Ceri Doyle, your Athletics Union (AU) President

Pronouns: She/Her

Alongside being your Athletics Union President, Ceri is also studying for a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. This year she’s looking forward to running lots of great (virtual) socials, in what will be a slightly different academic year to what she’d imagined.

She’s been a member of the Athletics Union since her first year, and has been a part of the LSESU Netball club for three years. She has also worked in much-loved LSESU bar, the Three Tuns, since her first year. When asked how new students can make the most out of life at LSE she said “Join the AU, obviously! It’s such a great community to be a part of”

If you’d like to contact Ceri, you can follow the LSE Athletics Union on Instagram or like their Facebook page to stay updated (@lseathleticsunion). You can also email her at with any questions, queries or suggestions.

Sabir Abdullahi, your BME Students' Officer

Pronouns: He/Him

Sabir is a Law student, who has been part of several societies such as the LSESU Islamic Society, LSESU Somali Society, and LSESU Law Society!

This year, as your Black & Minority Ethnic Students Officer, he wants to work on improving the LSESU BME Mentoring Scheme programme, an initiative whereby BME students can apply to be mentored by a member of LSE’s alumni. He wants to ensure that more students are aware of the scheme this year and to encourage students to get involved in this opportunity. If you’re interested in the BME Mentoring Scheme, make sure to keep an eye out for applications opening in Michaelmas Term!

When asked how students can make the most of LSE, he said to make as many friends as possible, and be sure to use lecturers’ office hours! Check out our recent How to make friends and meet people at LSE this year blog for tips on how to get started.

Ellie Cottrell, your Environment and Ethics Officer

Pronouns: She/Her

Ellie is a third year LLB Laws student. One thing Ellie wants to do as your Environment and Ethics Officer is reduce waste on campus. Some of the ways she wants to work to make campus more sustainable is by: eliminating non-recyclable packaging, making sure LSE recycle their food waste, improving accountability for sustainable building design on campus.

Ellie has been really active at LSE outside of her studies – she has been involved in the LSESU Boxing Society, LSESU UN Society, and LSESU Law Society. Alongside this, she has helped to plan LSESU’s Summer Ball (which was unfortunately postponed), and has been an academic representative. If you’d like to be an academic representative, make sure to ask your programme leader about how you can get involved.

When we asked Ellie about an important service that she thinks students should know about, she said that you can dispose of e-waste, batteries, phones etc in an environmentally friendly way around campus at LSE – don’t just put them in the bin!

Edouard Panciulo, your International Students’ Officer


As your International Students’ Officer this year, Edouard will be working to represent the views of International Students. He is here to listen to your views and raise your concerns with the relevant staff and committees across LSESU and the School.

Every student faces challenges at university, and International Students have to face the often tough transition from leaving their home countries to living full time here in the UK. If you are ever facing an issue, Edouard is the person to speak to – as he can not only advocate on your behalf, but he can give you first hand advice from his student experience.

Keep an eye out for Edouard’s projects, initiatives and events for International Students’ throughout the year!

Thiago Fonseca Pontes, your LGBT+ Students' Officer

Pronouns: He/Him

Alongside serving as this year’s LGBT+ Officer, Thiago is studying International Social and Public Policy. This year, he is looking forward to representing and connecting with the Queer community at LSE, and is aiming to deliver on the plan he promised in his manifesto.

When we asked Thiago for some advice for new students on, he said, “Be kind to yourself and others, it’s the best way to be. And make the most of and enjoy your university experience”

You can also follow find out more about Thiago and his work by following him on Instagram @queerlse!

Isra Saker, your Social Mobility and Class Officer

Pronouns: She/Her

Isra is currently studying for her BA in International History. When we asked Isra what she wants to achieve this year, she said that she wants to “change the negative narrative around ‘working-class’ people”.

Alongside her studies, Isra has been involved in the LSESU Islamic Society (she led their Charity Week in 2019), LSESU Netball, Interfaith initiatives, PakSoc and more! When we asked Isra how students can make the most out of their time at LSE, her advice was to “get involved and take risks to do new things!”

Sumaya Osman, your Women’s Officer

Pronouns: She/Her

Sumaya studies International Social and Public Policy with Politics. Outside of studying, she was previous the President of the Somali Society, which she set up with some friends.

As your Women’s Officer, she will be working throughout the year to represent the views of women across LSE, implementing initiatives and projects to support this community of students.

When we asked Sumaya for advice on how students can make the most out of LSE she said to get stuck in and utilise all that LSE has to offer - everything is a learning experience!