What do SSLC Reps do?

SSLC Reps (Staff Student Liaison Committee Representatives) are a crucial part of LSE Students' Union. More than 400 SSLC Reps are elected by their student peers to represent them during the academic year and to liaise with LSE departmental staff in the Staff Student Liaison Committees.


SSLC Reps ensure student concerns are addressed and students have a say in the running of their programme. They raise issues about the quality of the programme and the experience as an LSE student, including the things they love and the things they want improved. SSLC Reps also ensure that the department listens directly to student feedback and that issues are resolved as swiftly as possible to improve the your teaching and learning experience.








One of the great things about being a SSLC Rep is that you get to bring all the views of other students together, and be part of improving the quality of the education at the School. You can gain a number of key skills from being an SSLC Rep, including attending and sometimes chairing meetings, gathering and collating feedback, identifying key concerns, representing other people, negotiating and seeking student-focused solutions, and communicating with groups of people in different contexts.


How to become an SSLC Rep

SSLC Reps are elected separately for each programme at the start of the Michaelmas Term. For more information, speak to the leader of your programme, or your programme administrative staff.


What do I need to do once I have been elected?

1. Sign up to our Course Rep database above

2. Enrol on the SSLC Moodle page

3. Pass the ‘Initial Training’ module on Moodle

4. Attend ‘Advanced Training’ you signed up for when registering as a rep (you don't need to do this if you have been an SSLC Rep at LSE in previous years)

5. Join our SSLC Rep Facebook group for all the latest updates.


The rest is up to you! You should be contacted by your programme at times throughout the year about the meetings you are invited to. If you need any help or support throughout the year, please contact:



Get in touch

Got any questions or queries about the SSLC Rep system? Drop us an email: