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A funding application on a desk next to a laptop and pen

Submit Your Application

You will find below information regarding your application. Please, make sure you thoroughly read the guidance before applying. You can contact if you have any questions.

  • Between the 1st and the 20th of every month, applications are OPEN.
  • On the 20th at 5pm, applications are CLOSED for the current month.

  • Between the 21st and the 26th of every month , the Funds coordinator checks that your project meets the guidance and that your application is clear and provides enough information. Make sure to check your email box regularly during this period.
  • On the last working day of the month, the decision-making panel meets to decide whether to fund your project, based on the criteria.
  • You will receive the outcome the following day with all the information you need. The SUF project support hub will also be there to help you run your project.
For projects requesting less than £3000

Your project will be reviewed by a small panel composed of:

  • David Gordon, the SU General Secretary (decision)
  • Ellie Duplock, the Activities and Development Officer (decision)
  • The Societies manager (advice)
  • The Funds coordinator (advice)

For projects requesting £3000 or more

Your project will be reviewed by a large panel composed of:

  • David Gordon, the SU General Secretary (decision)
  • Ellie Duplock, the Activities and Development Officer (decision)
  • Bali Birch-Lee, the Education Officer (decision)
  • Laura Goddard, the Community and Welfare Officer (decision)
  • LSE Director of Recruitment and Admissions (decision)
  • The Societies manager (advice)
  • The Funds coordinator (advice)

Please, note that there is no appeal for rejected applications. If your project is not successful, you will receive thorough feedback and will be able to book a meeting with our Funds coordinator.

How do I apply?

If you think your proposed idea meets the criteria, you can apply using our application form.

SUF Application Form

  • We will never repeat it enough: read thoroughly through the guidance. Make sure you have the criteria in mind and understand the few budget restrictions.
  • If you’re applying as an individual student or an informal group of students (not registered as a society), we would advise you to ask for a meeting with our Funds coordinator before submitting your application (
  • Write your application using a clear and concise language. Ask yourself if someone who never heard about your project can understand its main objectives and how you plan to deliver it.
  • We would advise you to check the questions by clicking on the form button and write your application in a Word document before copy-pasting the answers in the form.
  • The SUF can only pay for expenditures mentioned in your application. Therefore, try to be as precise as possible regarding which specific expenditures you would like the SUF to pay for.
  • We know that your project might not be completely ready and you might be waiting for complementary information or quotes. That is fine, just mentioned it in your application. If your project or budget changes after you’ve submitted your application or after you’ve been funded, contact us as soon as possible so we can agree on a new project or budget. .

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