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You will find on this page, the list of all projects funded during the year 2020-2021. If you would like any more information about any of these projects, please contact If you would like some tips to get started with your own project, please visit the Getting started page.

Projects funded in November 2020

LGBTQ+ Visibility at LSE

  • The Pride Alliance society will organise a campaign during LSESU Pride Week starting on the 15th of February 2021. Part of this campaign will be to encourage the LGBTQ+ community and allies to wear democratically designed hoodies given to students for free to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and help students to feel more relaxed and at home while discouraging homophobia and microaggressions. Funded: the hoodies.

Projects funded in October 2020

Artificial Intelligence in Business & Ethics (AIBE):

  • The Students’ Union Fund supports the world’s largest non-profit AI summit in its 2021 online version. Funded: Zoom webinar licence.

Public Debates Series :

  • The LSESU Debate society will invite throughout the year key stakeholders to debate, usually online, the defining issues of our time. Funded: audio and video softwares, speakers travel and accommodation, catering, marketing and social media costs.

Projects funded in November 2020

Russian Business Week 2021

  • From the 8th of March 2021 to the 13th of March 2021, join the Russian Business and Culture Society for their annual flagship event. Whether you’re a fluent Russian speaker or not, learn more about Russian culture, contemporary business opportunities and new start-up and meet with famous authors and actors. Funded: language interpretation, social media marketing, design hire and health and safety expenses.

LSE Future of Pakistan Conference

  • The Future of Pakistan Conference (5th and 6th of December 2020), which is the Pakistan Society annual flagship event, provides an open and inclusive platform for debates on contemporary issues. They discuss Pakistan’s current problems, possible solutions and share their vision on Pakistan’s future. Funded: 3000 people Zoom webinar licence, social media communication, international phone calls.

TEDxLSE 2021: Unmuted

  • The event will be held on 20 March 2021. In light of recent movements towards racial, environmental, and social justice, the theme students have chosen for this year is Unmuted. The purpose of this theme is to highlight voices and ideas traditionally silenced or marginalized within the global discourse. In a time of rapid social change, they feel it is essential to give platforms to voices that are breaking barriers, inciting movements, and challenging the status quo. Funded: contractors to cover videography.

Projects funded in November 2020

Historicizing History: Empire, Education and Decolonising History at LSE (provisional)

  • This project, led by an International History Master Student, seeks to foreground an ongoing commitment to recognise and redress the impacts of imperialism and colonialism - the historical antecedents of institutional racism (inequalities) - within LSE (Department of International History) since its shaping in the 20th Century by conducting historical research; consulting archives, academic inputs and consulting departmental syllabi; creating a media project (short film if possible, otherwise a blog) and panel discussion based on the project's findings. Funded: research books, communication, film, panel.

International Model NATO 2021

  • A team of seven dedicated, hardworking, and diverse LSE students will represent Germany and its policy positions at the International Model NATO Conference this Feb. They are preparing the material and will each negotiate on policy committees at the conference, held over zoom this year. Model NATO is a major forum at which to practice policy work skills, which are complementary to their studies, and to build a foundation for their careers. Funded: administrative fees for registration.

The LSE Mental Health Collective Take Over

  • After the success of running LSE's first mental health festival in 2019 with the help of the SUF fund, the Mental Health Collective is planning to host a second, awareness raising week in March 2021 (mainly online). This week will be a creative exploration of mental health and well-being within the student community. By discussing intersections of identity and experience, they will raise awareness about the different aspects of mental health.

Projects funded in November 2020

Law Society Journal Publications

  • The Students’ Union Fund supports the Law Society to publish their annual journals: the Lawyers without Borders Division journal and the Law Review Division Volume VI journal. Funded: journal publications.

Projects funded in October 2020


Green Week opening event:

  • This project was run by Ellie Cottrell, the Environment and Ethics Officer. It consisted of an ice-sculpture melting to symbolize climate change and lobby the school to take bigger steps towards climate change.                                                                                        

Projects funded in November 2020

Digital equipment for students

  • This year, we’ve seen a higher number of digital equipment requests to record and release your online events. Ellie Duplock, your Activities and Development Officer, has therefore suggested that the SU could buy a set of digital equipment to be loaned to students for free to support you and reduce the costs of your projects. It will be made available for your use very soon !

Care packages for LSE students

  • Laura Goddard, your Community and Welfare Officer, has done a great job in supporting you over the Christmas break by providing every student staying in London a care package to make the end of year festivities a great moment for everyone despite this year being different.

Projects funded in October 2020

Paella for Spanish Society Members!:

  • The Spanish society plans to organise a distribution of free paella for their members. Funded: Paella contractor.

Tamil Society Football and Netball:

  • The Students’s Union Fund supports the Tamil society Football and Netball practices. Funded: balls and practices pitches.

Projects funded in November 2020

Bring LSE Fencing to Campus

  • The Students’ Union Fund has supported the Fencing Club to invest into new and sustainable equipment to facilitate fencing practice on campus and improve the accessibility of the sport. Funded: a fencing piste.

Projects funded in November 2020

Grimshaw Student Delegations

  • The Students’ Union Fund is supporting the Grimshaw club with the trips they plan to organise this year, including in Jordan/Israel, Taiwan, Cuba and Mongolia. The trips aim to educate its participants about great academic regional debates, build an academic and social community, provide a diversity of experiences to improve student satisfaction and wellbeing, and honour the legacy of Grimshaw trips abroad. They will only take place if the global situation allows them to do so. Funded: part of the plane tickets.

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