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Unlock your creative potential with LSESU's Creative Network and it's societies...

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"LSE isn't a creative place"

The common misconception amongst LSE students. In fact, LSESU is full of creativity, you just need to know where to find it! This is your guide to finding all things creative at LSE, including how you can join our LSESU Arts and Performance Societies, the LSESU Creative Network, and what they are all getting up to this year!

As you can expect there will be some changes this year, with some events moving online, but you can still get involved and make some unforgettable memories. Your university experience is more than your degree, it’s also about making friends, long-lasting connections and finding out who you are and what your passion is!

Before we continue…

We (LSE Students’ Union) are working with the School on the safe return to campus for all of our students. This includes re-working and adjusting our programmes, our initiatives, our ways of working and our different spaces. We will also be taking into account any changes in Government guidance that occur between now and September.

Our LSESU Societies are undertaking similar practices, looking at how they can execute their events, initiatives, socials and activities in the safest way possible for their members. This may mean the vast majority of activities are digital, but there could also be possibilities for physical participation providing it is in line with the recommended guidance. All of their activities will be subject to changes based on the most up-to-date advice and recommendations from LSESU, the School and the Government.

This means that some of the activities referenced below could be subject to change. Any updates will be cited on their relevant web pages, so keep regular tabs on society webpages and social media channels for their respective updates. One of the best ways to stay updated with general information about Welcome and your arrival is by signing up to our Welcome Mailing list by clicking here.

The LSESU Creative Network

You might be wondering what this is. Simply put, the LSESU Creative Network the group where all of our LSESU Arts and Performance Societies come together to host collaborative events, provide support, and work together to make LSE as creative a campus as it can be!

They have hosted a number of events the last two years, including their flagship Festival of Creativity, a month long series of events that showcase some of the many talents at LSE. The events range from Dance Shows and Theatre Productions to Small Craft Sessions and Creative Industry Speaker events, but there’s SO much more - the network is going from strength to strength!

Led by a group of students who are invested in making your campus experience as great as it can be, they want you to explore your creative side, and see what skills you might discover! They also work to raise awareness of creative opportunities across LSE, so you can be fully in-the-know about all the ways you can unleash your inner creative outside of the classroom.

They have a lot of events planned for this year, and will be adjusting them in accordance with any updates in Government guidance. So, make sure you check our What’s on calendar throughout the term to keep an eye on what’s coming up!

Events, Opportunities and How to get involved

Events this year will be digital with some being facilitated in person - this is subject to change so please bare in mind that any physical events could change to virtual formats depending on the most up-to-date guidance we have.

Our societies and student groups are currently planning their calendars for the year, and we are working with them to get these plans finalised! All events will be added to our events calendar, which you can view here!

You can get involved in a number of ways:

  • As an attendee - you can purchase tickets or reserve your place at most of our LSESU-run events as an LSE student on our website. A large number of them are free and open to all LSE students!
  • As a society member - some society-run events will require you to be a member of the society that is running it, but this will be clear on the event page. Simply log in as a member and secure your place!
  • As the organiser - no need to wait for others! If you have an idea for a campaign or an event, you can start working towards making it happen by contacting us via email here.



Arts & Performance Societies at LSESU:

There are a number of societies at LSESU you can get involved with! Here’s your full guide to who the LSESU Arts & Performance Societies are and a quick overview of what they get up to:

  • LSESU Drama Society - includes all things dramatic! With plays, musicals, theatre trips, workshops and more!
  • LSESU Fashion Society - fuses art, culture and society together through shows at the Saatchi Gallery to panel discussions.
  • LSESU Film Society - the home of cinema on campus! Open to anyone who loves films!
  • LSESU Magic Society - provides a platform for people of various skill levels, with regular sessions to teach tricks, all are welcome!
  • LSESU Music Society - host many diverse music groups including acapella, and host live concerts music nights and socials throughout the year!
  • LSESU Opera Ballet Society - exist to promote opera and ballet to LSE students, as they are art forms, join them on their journey.
  • LSESU Photography Society - aims to bring together all students who want to create art through the lens.
  • LSESU Swing Dance Society - is THE place to get dancing. Enjoy great music and expert teaching of styles such as Lindy Hop and Charleston!
  • LSESU Visual Arts Society - gathers people who are passionate about the visual arts, holding a range of activities and workshops.

You can join any of our 200+ LSESU societies via our website, and memberships are currently available to buy right now! No need to narrow it down to just one - you can join multiple societies and be a member of many student groups at the same time. 

And if you don’t see something for you? Make your own group by following our create a new group guide here. We have new societies start up every year and our fantastic Societies Team are on hand to support you with getting it up and running!

You can also follow our student groups on social media, most of which will have links to on their dedicated webpage of our website. Here are the Arts & Performance ones (Facebook Pages) so you can check them out yourselves!: