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We are the LSESU's centre of theatre and all things dramatic! With plays, musicals, theatre trips, workshops and various other activities, there's something for everyone. Join us!

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About us

Join us to take part in any aspect of putting together a show, take part in our weekly drama workshops, or just to get discounted tickets to all our shows, West End productions and regular social events.

We produce several productions a year. Last year these were 'Enron', 'Emilia', 'Private Lives' and 'Sister Act: The Musical'. This year we will be producing 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and several other productions which are yet to be announced. You will have the opportunity to audition for our productions in the Michaelmas term, or even be a part of the production team if you wish.

Finally, we are delighted to be the incumbent 'Society of the Year' as well as Gold Star Winners for 7 years running.


All memberships cost £2. Purchasing a membership will give you access to all aspects of the society. This includes; discounted tickets to our shows, the opportunity to audition or be involved in the production team of a show, discounted theatre trips to the west end, invitations to end of show parties and cast mixers, weekly improv classes, workshops from west end stars, pitching and voting on the plays you would like the society to produce, running for a sub-committee position and much, much more.

Events and Activities

This year we will be producing 5 productions. At the beginning of Michaelmas term you will be invited to attend a 'secret performance'. Later on in the term you will have the opportunity to perform a monologue or duologue, or a song in our Christmas Revue. Meanwhile, we will be holding auditions for our two full-scale plays in the Lent term (A Streetcar Named Desire and one more to be announced) as well as the Musical which will be performed at the end of Lent term.

Alongside the productions, we will be organising theatre trips to West End shows - of which you can attend for a discounted price. We will also be holding socials and cast mixers regularly throughout the year. Last year these included society dinners, a Christmas party, the Bernard Shaw Awards and potentially over 100 trips to Shakespeare Head (the drama Wetherspoons!).

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