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Disciplinary Procedure

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The LSE Disciplinary procedure is designed for students who have breached, or been accused of breaching, the School’s regulations.

What can you do?

A disciplinary will generally be related to conduct, such as the Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy or the School’s Conditions of Registration among others.

Please note: this is separate to the Academic Misconduct process (i.e. plagiarism). This information also exclusively focuses on the LSE Disciplinary Procedure and is separate to any LSESU procedure.

Next steps

If an allegation has been made, there are a number of potential next steps based on the severity of the offence.

Depending on the severity of the allegation, the school can take precautionary measures such as excluding a student from their studies or from particular areas of campus, while the investigation is underway.

Minor allegations

Minor allegations can often be resolved through an Informal Resolution which involves speaking to the relevant member of the academic department or staff team with the aim of resolving the allegation quickly.

Major allegations

More major allegations will be dealt with through the Formal process, which warrants a formal investigation. In this investigation, students will have an opportunity to respond to any allegations made. If an allegation is upheld, various sanctions can be assessed including a formal warning, appropriate behaviour training, exclusion from buildings or withdrawal from the School.

To see the full procedure, along with a breakdown of offences and sanctions, please download the PDF.

Disciplinary Procedure(Opens in a new tab)

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Our advisers can provide you with independent, confidential advice on the process as well as attending any meetings you may have with the school as a silent attendee.

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