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Planning an event is a brilliant way to bring together your society or club members, as well other students at LSE.

Our Clubs and Societies delivery over 1500 events every year for thier members. As a registered LSESU Club or Society, event organisers within group committees must complete an event proposal form for every event your group wants to run. 

It is a legal requirement to have all activities recorded and risk assessed, but knowing what groups want to do also allows our staff team to offer you expert advise and support. To help with getting events delivered effectively and safely we have broken down the events planning process into easy steps to help you out below followed by guidance, procedures and processes related to organising events.

Event planning

STEP 1 - Event Organiser Responsibilities

To be able to deliver events effectively, members of your committee who are events organisers must complete the Room Bookings Training, and Planning Events Training on the committee hub. If they have not completed this, they will not be approved to organise events.

All Event Organisers Have Responsibilities Which Include:

  • Event Safety & Risk Assessment - Ensuring the Event is safe by completing and acting upon a risk assessment
  • Equality & Diversity - A requirement that Event Organisers discuss equity, diversity and inclusion with regard to event speakers & content as well as planning accessible or welcoming events.
  • Freedom Of Speech - Protect and promote freedom of speech within the law via risk assessment
  • Gender Segregation - I ncluding External Speaker, Film Screenings, Activities
  • Attendees Experience - Is my event for members only, open to LSE students and staff or event the public?

STEP 2 - Planning

Planning events can take any varying degree of time and energy, but below are some of the important aspects to think about to start planning: 

  • Venue - Where on or off campus do you want to run your event?
  • Costs - How much is it going to cost you to run the event that you want?
  • Safety - How big is the Risk Assessment going to be?
  • Event Content - Such as Activities, Speaking Topics, External Speaker, Film Screenings & much more
  • Attendees - Is my event for members only, open to LSE students and staff or event the public?
  • Safeguarding - Will you be working with children, or will there be under 18's attending your event?
  • Additional Services - What else do i need to make this event a success such as catering, security or Audio-Visual?

STEP 3 - Submit an Event Form

For all events you need to complete the following:

Please ensure you have attached all documents in your form.  Please ensure the form is submitted a minimum of 10 working days in advance of an event. For larger events, or those that are more logistically complicated (such as high-profile speakers), please give us at least 3 weeks notice.

STEP 4 - Staff Approval

Once your Proposal, Risk Assessment (and Budget if needed) has been reviewed by the Union it will be sent to the relevant team that needs to deal with your request and you will be notified whether it was fully approved, or provisonally approved. 

  • For LSE Rooms, it will be sent to the Room Bookings Team. 
  • For LSESU (Saw Swee Hock) Spaces, it will be sent to the relevant Union Staff to approve.
  • For External Spaces, you will be supported by your coordinator or anther member of Union Staff.

What Does Provisional Approval Mean?

Once reviewed, a member of union staff or LSE staff may let you know the event or room is only provisionally booked. At the same time they will notify you of any further action you may need to take for the booking to be fully approved and confirmed. Further actions may include: Updating your Risk Assessment, Confirming further information, meeting with security, arranging AV or much more.

What Does Full Approval Mean?

Once reviewed, there may be no issues with your form and we will pass it on to the relevant team. You may need to continue with event organisation but there is nothing else you need to do with the Union. If something with your event changes, please let us know.

Event Organising

Step 5 - Organising Your Event

As mentioned above, whether fully approved or provisional there will be more steps you need to take to get your event organised and delivered. Make sure you take these step as your event may not happen or be of the quality your members expect. Some of the things you need to organise are:

Not Sure Where To Start?

Download Our Event Organising CheckList Here

Below is an A-Z of guidance, policy, procedures and much more.

Your A-Z of Event Guidance, Procedures and Processes

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