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Sheffield Street Stalls

Registered clubs and societies can book stall spaces on Sheffield Street, located outside the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. They are a great way to promote your group and its activities!

How to book a stall

If you would like to book a Sheffield Street stall for your club or society, please complete the form below and attach a completed risk assessment.

We ask for a minimum of ten working days notice please, to enable us to receive and process your request.
Please note, a stall is unconfirmed until you've received a confirmation email from the SU.

Stallholder Terms and Conditions

These must be followed, and if we find that you have not followed the T&Cs, a member of staff will unfortunately revoke your stall booking.

  • For fundraising events, you can only legally ask for 'suggested donations', and all donations must go through a direct link or QR code to a charity website, or a Just Giving page that's set up so the money goes directly to the charity. No donations must be made in cash, or go through your group account as per UK Charity Laws. Also, no card readers should be used.
  • The SU is a charity, which means due to Charity Law, we cannot financially support other charities.  Therefore, any items purchased to help with fundraising cannot be reimbursed from your club or society account. These items would either need to be reimbursed directly from the money raised, or paid for by the organising individuals. For more information about fundraising for external charities, please click here.
  • Societies are only permitted to fundraise for registered UK charities, who have a UK charity number (this must be provided when booking).
  • You are not permitted to sell tickets/products on the stall for society/club events or profits. You may promote events, and should you wish to encourage people to buy an event ticket, you can direct people to your club/ society's page.
  • You are unable to play amplified music through speakers as this isn't allowed in general street licensing rules.
  • You are unable to sell or give away any forms of alcoholic beverage due to licensing reasons or hot drinks due to the conflict this would have with LSESU outlets, such as the Coffee Cart.
  • If you are providing food, please ensure the allergens are clearly labelled.
  • Please do not collect any personal details while on the stall (eg. email addresses), to ensure GDPR compliance.
  • Unfortunately, the SU does not have any umbrellas or gazebos that can be used for stalls.


Sheffield Street Stall Booking Request Form

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