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Committee Basics

Being a committee member comes with many responsibilities and along your journey you will have lots of fun, meet lots of people and gain new skills. The LSESU Society & Sports Team are here to help you along the way.


See below all the key tasks you, as a new LSESU Committee, need to complete over the next few months with helpful links to pages with more information. If you have any questions, just email the team on or

Please make sure you read the Activities Code of Conduct.

We cannot wait to start working with you all soon! 



Attend the Committee Training Conference  Deadline passed
Submit outstanding expenses from this year via the EXP365 App.  Deadline passed
Submit any membership price changes for 2023/24 Deadline passed

Complete compulsory Online Committee Training Modules, then complete the Online Training Completion Quiz.

You can see which modules to complete for your role here.

Deadline passed

Register your Club or Society to provide us with your committee's details

Deadline passed

Receive a handover from previous committee, including passwords and advice for running your group

Deadline passed

2023/24 Memberships go online!

Deadline passed

Book and attend a Development Meeting with an SU coordinator

Deadline passed

Complete a Development Plan          

Deadline passed

Check you have access to your Club or Society's Gmail account that the SU has set up for you. If you're unsure of your login details, please email us and we can help.

We'll send important updates to this email acount, so please ensure it is checked regularly.

Deadline passed

Submit an Annual Risk Assessment if required

Deadline passed
Request admin rights by emailing or  Deadline passed

Complete and submit your 2023/24 Constitution

Deadline passed

Clubs - Complete and submit Coaching Contracts

Deadline passed

Clubs - Complete and submit External Facility Hire Contracts

Deadline passed

Complete and Submit Events Form for all large events, flagships and conferences

Deadline passed

As a committee member, you should receive the Club and Socs Newsletter to your personal LSE email. These are sent weekly during termtime, and fortnightly during vacation. These newsletters contain essential information throughout the year.

Please also ensure you regularly check your group's email account, as we sometimes send out important updates through here.

Requesting admin rights:

Admin rights allows you to message your members, edit your page on the LSESU website, have access to expense365 and add free events onto your club or society page. 

To get admin rights, you must have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Your group must have re-registered for the Academic Year
  • Your core committee has to have completed all compulsory online training (you can check the Committee Training Register
  • The committee member must have purchased membership
  • Once you have completed the above, please email or to ask us for your admin rights 


Task Action Group Required Deadline
Registration Fill out registration form to officially register your club for the year All Clubs & Societies 6th June
Online Committee Training

Complete your core modules online

All Clubs & Societies 14th June
Club & Society Email Gain Access to your email All Clubs & Societies

1st June

Committee Conference Attend the training introductions, sessions and workshops.  All Clubs & Societies 7th - 17th June
Handovers Receive a handover/ complete by previous committee All Clubs & Societies 1st - 31st June
Finances Submit outstanding expenses from this year All Clubs & Societies

5th July

Development Plan Complete a Development Plan All Clubs & Societies June - July
Development Meeting Book and attend a meeting with an SU coordinator All Clubs & Societies

1st July - 31st August

Memberships & Prices Submit a membership plan Societies Only 21st July 
Constitutions Complete and Submit All Clubs & Societies 31st July
Risk Assessments Complete and Submit Specific Groups 31st August
Sub-Committee & Ventures 
Registration Form
Complete and Submit Societies Only 31st August
AU Grant Applications Complete and Submit Application Clubs Only 

29th July - 22nd August

Old Gym/ Badminton Court Booking Request Application Complete and Submit Application Clubs Only  29th July - 22nd August
Coaching Contract Complete and Submit  Clubs Only  31st September
External Facility Hire Contract Complete and Submit Clubs Only  31st August
Give it a Go Complete and Submit All Clubs & Societies 31st August
Purchase your new membership Complete and Submit All Committee Members 1st Aug onwards
Request Admin Rights Complete and Submit All Committee Members After Purchasing Membership
2021 Conference Event Form Complete and Submit Societies Only 31st August

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