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A student group getting a group photo taken on a trip to a mountain range

Trips and Tours

Planning a trip whether in the UK or abroad is a brilliant way to bring together your society or club members, as well other students at LSE.

There are a number of different processes the activities team can help you with the ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable for everyone who gets involved. If you are planning on running a Trip or Tour for your student group, please complete the form via the link below. This includes: 


What do you class as a trip?

  • We class any activity that takes place outside the M25 (the large motorway that encircles London) as a trip. A trip can be international or domestic and be a day-long, or take place over a number of days.

Who can go?

  • Only LSE members are permitted on LSESU Club or Society Trips. Please ensure any participants have purchased membership to your group before the trip.
  • All participants must be over 18.


1. cOMPLETE A TRIP FORM and Risk Assessment

Please fill out the Trip Form in as much detail as possible.

Notice periods required:

  • International trip - 6 weeks
  • Domestic (UK) trip - 4 weeks

Ensure you attach a detailed risk assessment and budget to your trip form. It's fine if you can't complete all the sections to start with as we will discuss these when we meet with you. 

Things to consider in your Risk Assessment

Risk assessments for trips need to be really detailed. Please take a look at this document to see what sorts of risks may need to be considered for your trip, and included on your risk assessment.

Have a think about risks relating to:

  • Accommodation
  • Personal safety
  • Transport
  • Food / allergies
  • Medical emergencies/ existing conditions
  • Adverse weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Loss of posessions (including passports and luggage)
  • Slips, trips and injuries
  • Individuals being separated from the group
  • Political unrest
  • Specific risks related to trip activities (eg. hiking, restaurant trips, nights out etc.)
  • ... And anything else on this document that's relevant to your trip!


Your staff lead is there to support you! During this meeting, we'll discuss your plans, budget and risk assessment. We'll also go through any questions you may have! 


During this stage, you will confirm and book your accommodation and travel, collect all participant contact information. Each student must fill out a travel information form. It is your responsibility to ensure all members have filled this out 14 days before the trip. Finalise any remaining logistics of the trip. You can also begin selling tickets on our Native ticketing platform to collect money from your trip attendees. 

4. final preparations

Once everything is confirmed, your staff lead will confirm all final details. These will include a full itinerary, emergency procedures, attendee details and emergency contacts. 

Please also ensure all participants have purchased travel insurance!

Then it's time to enjoy your trip! When you return, please let us know you're back safely, and we'd love to hear about how everything went.

Trip Checklist 

Please check that you have completed all of the below:

1.  Completed a Trip Form

Reviewed all travel advice of the country (Please check the latest government advice)

3. Check every student attending have purchased their own travel insurance

Provided a Trip Budget (Please include: How much is being spent from club funds - This must be proportionately beneficial to all members)

5. Provided a Trip Risk Assessment

Organise a meeting with a member of the LSESU Staff team to discuss your trip. 

7. Collect information for all students attending - Each student must fill out a travel information form. It is your responsibility to ensure all members have filled this out 14 days before the trip.
8. Get final sign-off and approval of your trip from LSESU. 


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