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  • Tue 30 Aug 2016 11:29

    Dr Jana Uher, Senior Research Fellow in the Psychological and Behavioural Science Department, is asking the question, ‘How would the world look if we were all the same?’

    She’s looking for volunteers for her study examining at the psychology of personality and implicit biases like gender and ethnicity. Her team are hoping to find out about Londoners’ everyday knowledge of individuality and behaviour using novel methods and cutting edge video techniques.

    Not only is this a chance to get stuck in with the ground-breaking research LSE is famous for, but you’ll also get an opportunity to explore what you know about people and how you judge others’ personalities in everyday life.

    They’ve got two surveys going on at the moment, face-to-face and online (incase you’re interested but not in London).

    Face-to-face with a friend: Taking place in their Video Lab on the LSE campus, you can come along with a colleague, friend or acquaintance for a joint interview about videos showing people in everyday situations. Each participant will get £20 for their trouble.

    Online studies: By completing their online survey you will receive a £5 voucher.

    You can get more information about the the study, and register, here: visit

  • Thu 25 Aug 2016 11:32

    One thing we love about the ‘student experience’ is that there are just so many things that that could mean.

    Plus, living in the heart of a city like London guarantees that no two days are the same. That’s amazing, but it means we might never get to know what other students’ lives are like.


    Which is why we’re handing over our Instagram for one week to the people we’re most interested in hearing from, LSE students! We’re looking for anyone who’d like to take over our account and showing our followers what it’s like to be you.


    Even if your day seems dull, there are people who’ll see it as about as different as it’s possible to be, so don’t be afraid to wow them! And if that isn’t incentive enough, there’ll be a prize at the end of the year for the best week’s images.


    To apply, just tweet @lsesu​ and we’ll be in touch with details. Looking forward to seeing through your eyes!

    More info:

    Check out our past contributors here:

  • Thu 25 Aug 2016 11:22

    The LSESU Christian Union is a group of students who have had their lives changed by the message of Jesus. 

    Because we feel that what Jesus offers is amazing, unique, and necessary, we seek to share His message of hope with as many people as possible. Our members come from many different nationalities, ages, and degree subjects, and have varying personalities, hobbies, and goals. Yet, despite all these differences, we find so much in common in our shared faith. And it is a great joy when we see a fellow student have his or her life completely changed as they believe and come to understand the message of Jesus. This happened a number of times just this past year!

    We hold weekly gatherings during the academic year which are open to anyone who is a student at LSE, regardless of their prior beliefs or convictions. We also hold periodic lunchtime events, called “Big Questions,” which are specifically geared towards non-Christians who want to understand the Christian perspective on an important life question. Our members are also very happy to answer questions via social media or over coffee, to anyone who is interested, for whatever reason.

    We are privileged to be running a Tour of London during Welcome Week this year. We’d love to have you join us, see the sights of this great city, and get to know some of our members. We wish all students, especially first-years, a great year at LSE.

    More info:

    For more details on the walking tour visit: