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Latest News

  • Fri 23 Jun 2017 15:38

    It’s been bloody hot recently. Any of you still hanging around London have been treated to around 30ÂşC of pure, unadulterated heat. But the good news is you survived, for now…

    We’re sure you’ll all be relieved to hear that next week is looking a lot more reasonable. But what if they get it wrong? Do you know how to cope in a heatwave? No? You’re in luck because below we’re treating you to our top 5 tips for staying chill in the heat

    Chill your veins

    Apparently running your wrists under a cold tap for five seconds every couple of hours can help. That’s because you have a main vein running through there, so logically your blood will cool.

    Go Green

    NB: couldn’t find a dancing aloe so this cactus will have to do

    You’re putting after-sun on every day, right? Thought so. Well, replace your standard with the aloe vera kind for a skin cooling effect

    Chrysanfakrisanthem… those hard to pronounce flowers

    Drinking chrysanthemum tea can apparently cool the head. Worth a try!

     Chill out

    Set an alarm to put a water bottle in the freezer the night before. You’ll have, unsurprisingly, a water bottle filled with ice! If you wrap the bottle in a towel before putting it in your bag 1) you won’t drench all your stuff 2) you can use the towel as a cool pack 

    Watch the clock

    The hottest time of the day is usually between 11 am and 3 pm. An easy tip here, don’t go outside between these hours. One tip further, if you’re in London head to one of the city’s free museums and art gallery’s. They have air conditioning! 

  • Fri 09 Jun 2017 15:36

    I’m so proud of so many things this year, including:

    • Securing ÂŁ12000 for the Union through an HEFCE grant on sexual harassment
    • Mental health first aid training grant secured for Academic Advisors and student-facing staff
    • Accommodation Bursaries implemented in halls for lower socio-economic students 
    • Successfully lobbying for a one-stop shop for mental health issues:  Counselling, DWS and the GP (St Philips) now in Tower 3
    • Creating a Student Death Policy at the LSE 
  • Fri 09 Jun 2017 12:28

    So…. during the last term we continued to represent you…

    • Raising awareness of GTA working conditions within the Academic Board.
    • Successfully managed to include the GTA rep in the Staff Survey Steering Group, to ensure full representation of this group at the School level.
    • Attending the Academic Board meeting that approved Exam resits and greater assessment diversity.
    • Research officer was part of the discussions regarding the LSE Studentships and the PhD parental leave policy.