How to Run your Club or Society Election

Every year your club/society must hold Election to select the new committee for the next academic year. The election will usually be a meeting that lasts between 1 - 2 hours (depending on the size of your committee). Typically these are held in Lent Term during February and March.

The meeting gives the current committee the opportunity to go through successes of the year, whether there's anything that could have been done differently and allow members to feedback to the committee what they think went well this year. 

There are three core roles that every affiliated group must have and they are: 

  • President/Club Captain
  • Treasurer 
  • Secretary

There are other roles that can be added to your committee, and this will differ depending on what group you are, and what your club/society needs. 


Your Key Documents & Links

Elections Information Document Offline Election Checklist Book a Room for your Election  Template Announcement of AGM

Candidate Rules for C&S Elections  Frequently Asked Questions       


The Basics

There are two time periods for elections for Clubs and Societies: Lent Term and Michaelmas Term. 

  • If your club/society is mostly Undergraduate you will hold elections in Lent Term, and the elected Committee will hold those positions until the following Lent Term. 
  • If your club/society mostly Post Graduate you will hold your elections in Michaelmas Term, and the elected committee will hold those positions until the following Michaelmas Term.

Student Group Elections must be held in an accessible space that does not allow the sale of alcohol at the time of the AGM. Club and Society members are not permitted to consume alcohol at the meeting. 

Elections must be chaired by an outgoing executive committee member. If they are running for a committee position in the election, they cannot be Chair and another committee member must take that position. Please note that the Chair is not eligible to vote in the election to ensure impartiality during the process

I've held my election, what's next?

All Clubs and Societies must have re-registered their committee by Thursday 30th April.  

Failure to re-register will put your club or society at risk. If you fail to complete your election before the deadline your club and society will be put up for disaffiliation. You can re-register your club/society and committee details here.