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The LSE Venture Capital Society is the only society at LSE which focuses solely on the Venture Capital sector; providing funding to start-up companies in exchange for equity, in order to develop the start-up and make it a worldwide success!

Our main goal is to help our members develop an understanding of trends in Venture Capital, and to develop the skills required to be a success as a Venture Capitalists!

The VC society will deliver:
1) Talks/Panel events featuring industry experts and angel investors
2) Student-only discussions and debates
3) Skill building sessions and workshops, with access to further material
4) Cutting edge research on the industry, delivered through newsletters and reports
5) Networking events, to meet like-minded students and industry bigwigs

Venture Capitalists have the ability to drive phenomenal social, industrial and financial transformation through their investments.

Invest in yourself by investing in us; learn more about the most interesting sector of Finance, and prepare yourself for a career in Venture Capital!


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