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Music Business


The LSE SU Music Business Society provides students, associates and alumni, with invaluable insights into the music industry. Our wide range of talks and workshops cover anything from talent management to licensing, from festival organization to streaming services and everything in between. Frequent socials guarantee students to meet fellow enthusiasts to debate industry developments with, while our platform also connects members seeking to gain hands-on experience with suitable opportunities. In doing so we are bringing together the industry leaders of tomorrow with those of today, creating a hotbed for disruptive ideas.

Whether you’re simply a music loving student or a business-savvy creative, the Music Business Society will provide you with invaluable insights and connect you with like-minded individuals.

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Jonny Coffer - Music Business Society Speaker Series
Jonny Coffer is a Grammy-nominated English songwriter and record producer and will be giving a talk at the LSESU Music Business Society.
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