Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund


Founded in 2005, LSE SU Hedge Fund Society (HFS) attracts students from all disciplines to explore the hedge funds and alternative investment industry. We are proud to be the first and largest student society in the UK to specialise in this area.


With memberships fast approaching a thousand, we aim to form an in-house research team to explore current issues and to increase our members’ awareness on major financial events and trends. As one of the fast-growing student bodies at the LSE, we strive to create values for our members, just as hedge funds do for their investors.


Since her establishment, HFS has bridged students with connections both within and beyond LSE. We have enjoyed strategic partnership with LSE’s Financial Markets Group (FMG), Chartered Alternative Investment Association (CAIA) and other companies in the industry while we manage positive relationships with professionals at top firms such as Lansdowne Partners, Man Group, Fortune Group and Ecofin.


Our core mission is to educate our members and provide them with valuable insight into the Hedge Fund industry. We do this through a variety of articles and events, which include talks by Hedge Fund personnel and the HFS’s market review, a weekly report on market trends and activities that is published alongside our newsletter. With a rapidly expanding membership base, we managed to extend our range of activities to include new events such as firm visits and case study competitions. We have also managed to create previous summer internship opportunities collaboratively with AIMA.


Join us if you are ready to explore an exciting career of the alternative.


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