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The LSESU UN Society is one of the biggest and most operationally diverse societies on the LSE campus. By empowering our members with the necessary skills and knowledge about the causes that they are passionate about, we seek to be a 1-stop society to bring about positive change in our communities. We promote the work and values of the United Nations not just through academic conferences that promote discussion and debate through roleplay, but also through volunteering, campaigning, speaker events, career support and transferable skills development. 

In terms of values, we interpret it as a society as such;

1) Discourse: We enshrine the importance of ideals and sharing of perspectives. It is fundamental to developing the necessary empathy and comprehensive understanding for collaborative action. 

2) Diversity: We respect the differences between people and seek to accommodate them as an inclusive society. Beyond that, we celebrate the underlying humanity beneath it all.  

3) Relevance: We resolve to be an integral part of our student community and continuously seek to positively shape it. The spirit of the UN starts here in our immediate community.


Our conception of Model United Nations is also similarly broad. Going beyond the conventional IR-centric ideology of MUN to replicate the United Nations, we see MUN as an educational simulation of significant value by itself as a form of structured discourse. In an international institute famous for the social sciences, where a single perspective is never sufficient and the solution is often uncertain, our skills-centric approach caters to the multi-disciplinary student body and distinguishes us as a society that provides MUN opportunities.


By giving our members the skill sets, perspectives and values to shape their world, we welcome them to their world as global citizens capable of building a brighter future. The world has many issues yet to be resolved, but as we change our world, we change the world. We look forward to you joining our society. It’s a home for all and there is a place for everyone.

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