Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


PPE: We're an open-minded, social society known and loved for creating a tight knit PPE community with a diverse set of members and extra-ordinary people from LSE! Join us now!

LSE SU Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society is one of the most active event-driven societies at LSE that strives to provide a multitude of opportunities for our diverse set of members. We're multi-faceted in our ability to provide social opportunities alongside more prestigious, business-focused events. We always kick off the year with our Welcome Drinks followed by regular socials such as Pub Crawls, Dinners, Bowling, Karaoke, Mini Golf and many more. 

These events are accompanied by the informal, cosy yet intriguing bi-weekly Fireside Chat series with academics. We tackle a number of trending topics such as censorship, the evolution of morality and politics in Afghanistan in a relaxed style of debate coupled with an expert academic that will present their research to kickstart the debate on said topics.

We will also continue traditions such as our annual Christmas Dinner and our PPE Family System, where we match members from different backgrounds and year groups into PPE families to encourage close relationships and friendships within our PPE community.

Besides  those traditions, we also think that 2019/20 is a new year with room for new Ideas! So, for 2019/20 we will organise new projects such as society trips, an exchange program with Science Po in Paris and many more socials and events in collaboration with other academic and social societies as well as other universities. 

Further, we provide a number of opportunities for personal development for our members in the form of insight days, internships and the ability to attend various symposiums external to the LSE.

This is just a brief overview of what we offer and as you can see the LSESU Philosophy, Politics and Economics society has a bit of everything with a specialisation where it suits! So, should you decide to join our society we can assure you that you will not be disappointed.


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