Marxist: Introduction



The LSESU Marxist Society aims to create a space for discussing socialist theories as well as providing a focal point for students who want to organise and actively participate in political movements.


We have been involved in the LSE Justice for Cleaners movement, as well as actively supporting the struggle of outsourced and precarious workers at the University of London, aiming to unite students and workers in political struggle.

We are part of the coalition of societies organising for the #YouthStrike4Climate on campus, which has mobilised hundreds of LSE students to take part.


We are members of the nation-wide Marxist Student Federation, which brings together Marxist Societies from across the country; we regularly collaborate with our sister societies at other London universities including at KCL, UCL and SOAS. With the MSF we participate in interventions by Marxist students from around the country in demonstrations and protests, and at picket lines supporting striking workers.


As a Society we organise reading groups to discuss classic Marxist texts, organise interventions at protests, and hold public meetings on a wide range of topical, historical and theoretical topics – we see theory as our guide to action!

Our meetings are open to everyone, so come along to our events to find out more about us and what we are fighting for.

And if you're a revolutionary student who wants to educate yourself and get involved with workers struggle on campus and beyond then join us to help build our movement and the struggle for socialism internationally! 



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