Welcome to the most thrilling sports club at LSE!

Our goal and passion are to spread the joy of kitesurfing and wakeboarding around the LSE campus and enable as many students as possible to join us! Whether you want to try something new while at uni or you're an advanced rider does not matter - everyone can join us at any time of the year!*?




We're extremely excited to get our old members back in the game and to enrol some new beginners or experienced riders !

We will announce our give-it-a-go session very soon, so hold on tight !!!!



Most weekends during term time*:

- Kitesurfing or wakeboarding for all levels, keep out for announcements on FB or email and sign up for the trips you wish to join.

- Join our Member's only facebook group once you have bought your membership for more details !



Check out our facebook page for all latest events!



Summary of membership (LSE students only - for alumni/associate members see the bottom of page):

For only £25 you gain access to :

- free use of club kite and wake equipment (worth £9000)

- two free full-day kitesurf beginners courses (worth £240), usually sufficient to learn how to kite!

- two wakeboard sessions incl. tuition and equipment (worth £90)

- further wakeboard sessions for only £30, saving £12

- further kitesurf lessons for only £90, saving £30 

- access to club trips and socials! 

- unlimited stoke!






Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world - and there's a good reason why. If you like speed, water, adrenaline and new adventures, this is the sport for you! We normally go kitesurfing during weekends when the wind blows, either in Camber Sands or Poole. We send out emails and post on social media a few days ahead of a trip, so stay tuned!

However, getting started with kitesurfing is normally very expensive. New gear including kites, boards, harnesses and wetsuits, plus beginners lessons, can cost thousands of pounds. This sucks, especially on a student budget. But this is where we come into the picture.


For only £25 you gain access to our own kitesurfing equipment,  free beginners courses, private lessons with our own certified IKO instructor and trips. 

We also plan to do one trip overseas each year. We have been to places such as kitesurfing capital Tarifa, amazing Dakhla (Morroco), Croatia or Essaouira (Morroco). In addition, we host regular socials and we always have a great time. If you want to do something unique and thrilling while at LSE, this is the place for you!

Check out this video to learn more about the variety of kitesurfing!





If you have done snowboarding, waterskiing, surfing or skateboarding, this sport, just like kitesurfing, might be your cup of tea! Even if you haven't done any of these sports previously, you will get the hang of the sport within the first sessions. Wakeboarding is essentially standing on a board (similar to a snowboard) and being pulled over water - either by a cable or a boat. There are lots of different disciplines and ways of progressing within wakeboarding, ensuring you never get bored!


Our club regularly goes wakeboarding, normally every Sunday. Having teamed up with WakeMK, one of the biggest cable parks in the UK, we meet at Euston station and take the train to Milton Keynes for a 2hr cable session.

All members are entitled up to 2 sessions for free, which is a great deal! Usually, a session with all gear included costs £42, while our yearly membership is only £25! All gear is provided and the sessions are suitable for all levels. 


**Alumni/associate members information**

If you're an LSE alumni, a student at a different uni or just a member of the public, the Associate membership is for you. Please email us at to gain permission to join the club first, or message us on our social media channels. Due to new SU regulations, we have had to change the structure of alumni/associate membership. We highly value our associate members and therefore asked for special permission from the SU to continue selling membership to non-students. While we cannot provide activities funded by the SU, it is still highly profitable to join the club.


For £35/year, you'll gain access to:

- A free 2hr wakeboard session w/equipment, worth £42

- Club discounts for further wake sessions, i.e. costing only £30 for a 2hr cable session w/ equipment

- Club discounts for kite beginners courses, costing £90 rather than the usual £120 

- Free use of full kitesurf and wakeboard equipment (to compare, kitesurf equipment rental costs £70/day)

- Trips and events all year round

We hope to see many alumni/associates to keep riding with us - join today!



Sign up for more information and for unforgettable trips!


Follow us on social media:


*Trips and sessions depend on weather conditions, we can not guarantee weekly trips - especially during the colder months in the LT. 

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