LSESU Travel Fund

The LSESU Travel Fund enables students at LSE to access extracurricular travel opportunities and activities that they would not otherwise be able to afford, develop key skills and, above all, to really make the most of their university experience.

The purpose of the LSESU Travel Fund is to subsidise the cost of travel in order to increase access to opportunities:

  • Individual applications can receive up to a maximum of 40% subsidy of total travel costs.
  • Group applications can receive up to a maximum of 40% subsidy of total travel costs, therefore a staggered subsidy can be given out to those traveling based on the individual financial needs of those in the group.
  • The full cost of the activity will not be paid for by the Travel Fund

The Travel Fund is kindly funded by the LSE Annual Fund.

Application Rounds

The Travel Fund is now closed as the grant has been fully allocated for the 2017/18 academic year. Please check this page again in September 2018 for an update and further details of the grant in 2018/19

How to apply

To start your application please complete and submit the following three forms:

The Travel Fund is now closed as the grant has been fully allocated for the 2017/18 academic year.

Travel Fund Application Form Guidance

The strongest applications will clearly state how the project meets the criteria set out below:

In addition to the criteria above, trips must also follow these rules:

  • That the trip is led and run by LSE students
  • That the trip will provide the opportunity for significant personal development (activities that develop talents, identity, potential and/or helps facilitate employability)
  • That the trip will improve and expand the reputation of the School and LSESU, both at LSE and externally
  • The trip promotes equality and diversity in the selection of those LSE students going on the trip (for group applications) and your application clearly explains how students will/have been selected for the trip.
  • That the project is a volunteering project, which aims to have a positive effect on the involved community
  • That the project will complement your academic course and enhance the depth of your participation in that field of study
  • That a financial contribution from the Travel Fund will have a significant impact on your/your groups’ ability to undertake the activity planned
    • The trip cannot use Business or 1st Class travel and efforts must have been made to keep the trip affordable
    • As with all LSE student-led trips, a Risk Assessment Form must be completed; applications will not be considered if this (using the online template) has not been submitted
    • Applications will not be considered if a budget (using the online template) has not been submitted

Risk assessment Guidance

All Travel Fund applications must be accompanied by a completed Risk Assessment Form. If you require help in completing this form, please contact ARC Staff at

Please clearly state that the completed Risk Assessment Form is for the Travel Fund.

The purpose of a Risk Assessment is to outline what hazards you may encounter during your activity, but more importantly to outline the ways in which you will mitigate the risk of encountering hazards during your activity.

A hazard is defined as ‘something with the potential to cause harm’. Whilst ‘harm’ is usually used in the context of pain and suffering to individuals, it can also be used to describe the negative effects of a particular risk or objective being achieved such as an inability to achieve income or bad publicity.

It is very important that you outline any potential hazards or risks which you or your group may encounter. Staff can help you to identify the potential risks involved in your trip and support you to identify ways to mitigate that risk.

Your application may be delayed if you do not clearly show that you have considered all potential risks associated with your application.

Travel Budget Form Guidance

It is very important that you provide evidence that you have considered all of the associated costs of your planned activity. Please complete the template provided and submit with your Travel Fund Application Form.

When it is possible, travel expenses can be paid for directly by LSESU in order to minimise the financial burden of the individual or student group. In such cases we may ask you to request an invoice from your travel provider.

If it is not possible for the Students' Union to directly pay for the cost of travel, money can be reclaimed from the Travel Fund after payment, through a Payment Request Form. In order to receive payment expenditure details with receipts need to be provided.

Submitting your report

The report should include information on what you did, how this met the Travel Fund criteria specified in the application and photographs of the travel opportunity. This report will form part of an online blog post, which will feature on the LSESU Tumblr.

This report will be 500 words, with photographs, that must be submitted to LSESU within 30 days after the trip.

Please submit your LSESU Travel Fund report using our online form.

LSESU Travel Fund Map

Find out where successful Travel Fund applicants have been to on the map below. You can also read students' reports on their trips on the LSESU blog