LSE Spaces

LSESU clubs and societies have a variety of spaces to book within the School including classrooms, Old Gym, Badminton Court, and rehearsal rooms.

How to Gain Room Booking Rights

If you are an AU Club and wish to book a classroom, your Sports Development Coordinator, James Baxandall, can do this for you, please email him your request.

If you are a society please follow the steps below:

  • Only societies that have fully registered with LSESU can gain room booking rights. This means having an up to date registration form submitted and the President, Treasurer and Secretary having completed all the compulsory training modules. To register your society and complete your compulsory training, please see our Committee Hub section.
  • Each society can nominate their secretary to have room booking rights – and they must complete the online Room Bookings training module.
  • To gain access to Resource Booker (the LSE room booking system) each society will then need to complete the online Room Booking Agreement. This is a contractual agreement that the society makes with LSE about how LSE rooms can be used, so please do read it carefully.
  • Once all the above steps have been completed you will then be approved to have room booking rights. Once you are on the system the LSE Room Bookings Team will send an email with information on how to book a room through Resource Booker.

Old Gym and Badminton Court

The Old Gym and Badminton Court can be booked by clubs, societies and individual AU Club members, but please note that clubs have priority for these spaces. The schedule can be seen online; if you are making a one-off booking, for example, a badminton booking, please contact our ARC Staff team:

If you are making a block booking, please contact James Baxandall (Sport Development Coordinator) to receive a booking form which will need to be completed by August 21st:

Please note, if you are a badminton member, you will be able to book one hour at a time per member.

Rehearsal Rooms

There are certain classrooms on campus that can be used for rehearsals by clubs and societies. Please note that these rehearsal spaces are specifically for fitness/music/drama rehearsals.

If you wish to book a space for rehearsals in one of these classrooms then please email your request to at least 5 working days in advance.

In your request please let us know:

  • Dates and times you would prefer
  • How many people will be in the rehearsal
  • If this will be a repeat booking
  • Information about who will be leading the rehearsal.

Classrooms are only available for rehearsals on weekday evenings during term-time, and the availability of the rooms may not be the same every week.

Before running a rehearsal:

  • Complete a risk assessment (this will need to be done just once before your first rehearsal and will cover all your rehearsals for the rest of the academic year).
  • If there is a non-LSE student running your rehearsal then you will need to complete a service level agreement before the rehearsal.
  • If you are paying someone to run your rehearsal, then they must invoice your club or society. They cannot be paid in cash.

Sheffield Street

Registered clubs and societies can book stall spaces on Sheffield Street, located outside the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre. There are 5 stalls available to book on the street (not under the glass roof).

  • If you would like to book a stall for your club or society to promote an event or to fundraise, please call into the ARC, or email

Please refer to this guideline on Sheffield Street Stalls.