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Hands Off LSE

Hands Off

'Hands Off LSE' is a week of events to raise awareness of sexual violence on campus and further afield. The campaign ran events from the 2nd to the 5th December to provoke discussions about how sexual violence can be tackled and what can be done.

The campaign will also work with the LSE to improve the provision for survivors for sexual assault. 

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Read the UGM motion here and an article from the Beaver about it here.

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Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Collective

The LSE Climate Emergency Collective is a group of academics, staff and students who care desperately about the climate and ecological crisis.

We call upon our institution to recognise this and declare a climate emergency.

We have promised the LSE community that where the School drags its feet, we will take action to return the Climate and Ecological Emergency to the centre of attention.

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Read the UGM motion here and an article from the Beaver about it here.

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Hong Kong Alliance

Student Alliance for Hong Kong

The campaign was launched in response to Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy protests.

It aims to raise awareness & mobilise LSE’s international student body to:

Take action against the inhumane and violent crackdown of the 2019 protests in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Foster understanding of the Hong Kong pro-democracy movements and its underlying complexities (e.g. ‘One Country, Two Systems’, media representation, international relations, colonial history and identity, etc.)

Engage in peaceful, productive and informed dialogue on the issue of Hong Kong across political differences

Lend international solidarity to Hong Kong in the city’s greater movement to safeguard freedoms of speech, press, assembly, education, and democratic reform

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