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The LSE Students’ Union Campaigns Network exists to support student campaigners at LSE. We can help you lead your own campaign or you can attend sessions to build up your skills to help others, as well as be the first to hear about new campaigns on campus.


By joining the LSESU Campaigns Network we can offer you: 

  • 121 guidance and support throughout your campaign
  • Campaign materials
  • Funding of up to £1000
  • Digital and physical communications
  • Research workshops and training
  • Activist socials and networking

If you have a campaign idea you can email for support and apply for funding for your campaign below. 


The Campaigns Network is kindly funded by the LSE Annual Fund.

LSESU Leadership Accreditation
In addition to this, by joining the Campaigns Network you will have the opportunity to take part in the LSESU Leadership Accreditation: Campaigns Stream. Find more about Leadership Accreditation by clicking here.



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Self-Care Aware



Self Care Aware is a campaign to help LSE students adopt simple, vital self care habits at university.


It aims to help students learn just a few basic habits that are crucial to mental wellbeing and functioning under the pressure of university life.


Self-care can help prevent ‘overload burnouts’, can negate the negative effects of stress, can help students to focus, and have genuine, tangible effect on the overall experience of students at university.


Self Care Aware provides ideas and resources to make sure you are taking care of yourself and help you not to be overwhelmed by your studies.




This LSE girl can



The ‘This LSE girl can’ campaign exists to engage more women get involved in sport and to raise the level of appreciation given to female athletes.


It is run by LSESU Athletics Union and involves workshops, introductory sessions to different sports and the LSE Inspirational Sportswomen awards.



Refugee week

Refugee Week


Student Action for Refugees and the LSESU UN society are running a week of events to explore the "untold stories" of refugees, and offer a platform to LSE students and academics to spend a week focusing on the topic from different perspectives.


They will be several events during the week including a debate, a play and a photography exhibition.



Bridging gaps

Bridging Gaps


Bridging Gaps aims to create a consciousness around the reality of different forms of discrimination and the challenges and limitations of the concept of diversity.


It aims to make a contribution to guide LSE students on their path of becoming future leaders that take a strong stand against any form of discrimination.


To do this Bridging Gaps ran workshops on campus that approach the topics of different forms of discrimination and racism in a theoretical and experiential approach.



Set her free

set her free


LSESU Penal Reform society and Student Action for Refugees are campaigning to raise awareness about the plight of refugees and the problems they are facing in this country.


Their campaign involved poetry readings and banner making sessions, before culminating in a trip to protest outside Yarlswood Detention Centre on 3rd December.


You can find out more about the LSESU Penal Reform society here and student Action for Refugees here.


Penal reform:

Student action for refugees



Say her name

say her name


LSESU Penal Reform Society ran a campaign during Black History Month as part of the ‘Say her name’ movement which began in the US as a response to both the media's tendency to ignore black women’s suffering due to police brutality.


The campaign aims to highlight how the lack of coverage of the killing of black women and lack of accountability for their deaths leaves women even more vulnerable to racialized police violence.


The LSESU Penal Reform Society shared images of these women on campus asking students to take photos with them to ensure so these women and the injustice they faced are not forgotten.



Understanding Inequalities



The Understanding Inequalities group ran a campaign at the beginning of term asking students what inequality means to them to get a conversation started on campus about inequality on campus.


The group run regular sessions discussing the issue if inequality.