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A student group getting a group photo taken on a trip to a mountain range


Each year, every student group must hold an election to elect the new committee and student leaders for the next academic year.

What are elections?

Student groups are led by a committee who work to organise events and bring students together. To make sure that everyone has an opportunity to become a committee member, club and society members can vote to elect their new committee leaders every year. Typically Club and Society Elections are held in Lent Term.

Any LSE student can run in an election and it is a great way to get engaged with your club or society, take more responsibility and offer a brilliant professional experience that can benefit you throughout your career.

Key roles

There are three core roles that every affiliated group must have and they are: President, Treasurer and Secretary. There are other roles that can be added to your committee, and this will differ depending on what group you are, and what your student group needs are. 

There are currently no elections running.


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