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Every club and society has to have a membership offer which allows students at LSE to be able join their group. This membership is essentially a contribution towards the running costs of the group.


Group Memberships

For clubs the minimum charge must be £10 and for societies it is £1.50. Every year these must be reviewed. We can help you structure your memberships in your development meetings in July.

Associate Memberships

Associate memberships allow LSE staff and alumni to be able to become members, not the public. Student groups can apply to have an associate membership, and  the Activities Committee will review this. You apply for this separately from changing your membership price/structure.

Please note that the cost of this membership will need to be reflective of the activity you run, so it will need to be higher than standard membership - the SU cannot subsidise their membership. In addition, only 20% of your membership can include associates.

Apply for associate membership

How to change your membership prices

Whatever membership structure and prices you are going choose for your group, should be based off the activities and events you are going to deliver next year. So, have a think and complete a development plan and budget to help you with this. Also, consider accessibility in this!

If you do not submit a change request, we will assume you want your membership to stay the same as last year.

You can book a meeting with a member of the Activities Team to discuss your membership structure.

Book a meeting

The deadline to submit your change request form is 20 July. This gives us enough time to review your requests and reach out to you if there are any issues. You will hear back from us if you submit. If you do not submit we will assume you want to keep your membership the same.

Once you submit we expect you to update your LSESU group page to tell members what they get for their membership purchase.

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