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A student group getting a group photo taken on a trip to a mountain range

Training Hub

Hold a position within a society or sports club? Here's where you'll find all compulsory LSESU training modules to make sure your student group is successful.


This section aims to give student group committee members the skills and information required to lead their groups effectively. This program runs throughout the year but starts in Summer Term with the release of online training modules as well as a Committee Training Conference. 

ONLINE committee Training Modules

The LSESU Training Hub will provide you with a combination of compulsory and recommended online learning courses covering a range of topics related to delivering clubs and societies. If you want to check who on your committee has completed their compulsory online courses for your admin rights, you can check the training register

Training Hub(Opens in new tabab

Committee TRAINING sessions

The Committee Training Conference takes place at the end of summer term, and aims to give committee members the necessary skills and information to allow a smooth start for their society at the beginning of Michaelmas term.

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