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The LSESU media groups are entirely student-led and there's loads of opportunities for you to get involved – whether it's through an editorial role, anchoring your own TV production or putting together a radio show.

PuLSE Radio

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About us

PuLSE Radio is LSE’s official Radio and Electronic Music Society...and so much more! Aside from broadcasting from a fully fledged on-campus radio station, we hold live music and DJ events, write for our music magazine, publish podcasts and mixes, engage in fundraisers, conduct creative industry workshops, and generally support LSE’s creative community.

We have specialist recording & broadcast equipment and software available on hand for you to start your very own show and have it heard across the LSE student body. We currently have shows ranging from current affairs, to DJ sets, to entertainment and gossip - we’re proud to be able to give you a platform for free expression!

If live broadcasting isn't your thing, you can write for the Radar, PuLSE''s bi-annual music magazine that captures London's music scene and provides a platform for the creative within the LSE student community. 

We also have podcast recording equipment for you to mull over your favourite topics with guests and friends. We will also help with marketing your shows on all of our social media to maximise your content engagement and reach the widest audience possible.

If you're more musically minded, then our Pioneer CDJs in the booth will be the perfect place for you to start or perfect your DJing. We encourage experienced DJs and newbies to use our decks to improve and provide opportunities to play live at Pulse Parties. Become a member to access weekly DJ workshops led by experienced members.


The two membership opportunities for current students are social and full.

  • Social membership is priced at £3 and provides access to: PuLSE member exclusive social events, access to mailing lists and general involvement within the PuLSE community. The social membership fee provides the necessary funds to organise external music events in club venues across London, food and drinks at exclusive member socials, as well as providing the necessary funds to facilitate the organisation of hosting talks from guest speakers in creative industries.
  • PuLSE full membership, priced at £6, provides all the perks of social membership and far more. Full membership allows access to broadcasting and DJ equipment, enabling you and your friends to create your own radio show, podcasts and mixes. Furthermore, full membership allows access to our social media and marketing resources, enabling greater exposure to your creativity. This membership option is for all levels of experience, providing DJ workshops to a broad range of abilities. The membership fee allows us to maintain the necessary equipment, pay for the numerous online software subscriptions (which you will also have access to) and to allow PuLSE to offer even more in the near future.

Events and Activities

There’s no question that PuLSE is at the forefront of music at LSE. In terms of events we are always aspiring to host some of the best parties in incredible venues across London for our members. Here we can present the talented DJ’s in our roster and further afield, who all have their say in displaying some of the most cutting edge music in the diverse genres of UK dance music.

We will also hold members only socials (i.e. pub quiz nights, karaoke, pre drinks, pizzza & film nights) throughout the year to foster and maintain a tight knit creative community.

For anyone who is keen on the idea of becoming a DJ - we’ve got that covered too. We’re hopeful of hosting workshops from some of the experienced members of our roster to teach any members who hold an interest in this.

So if you hold an interest in learning to DJ or attending great parties and activities across London, you know you can count on us if you join our community!

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